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Pipbreaker Review


Pipbreaker is a Forex indicator for the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. The vendor claims it is the most efficient way to trade manually and that it has a success ratio that is 93% higher than the failure ratio. Of course, we need to verify these claims independently by analyzing the live performance of the system, along with other performance factors.

How Pipbreaker works

On the official website, the vendor has provided a short introduction to the system, followed by a list of features. Here, we should mention that they haven’t properly explained how the indicator works, instead of showing a video that tells us about the trading setups. We have a list of feedback from buyers, but there is no way to verify their authenticity. The vendor has also shared the pricing details for this indicator.

Pipbreaker is a product launched by the WeTalkTrade team that was founded in 2009. The headquarters of this company is located in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. We don’t know much about the company’s background and service history and the vendor has not revealed the identities of the team members. 

Using this indicator, you can trade the 4 major sessions in the Forex market. It sends buy and sell signals and indicates them using green and red arrows on the chart. Pipbreaker lets you choose between different trading modes, namely long term, short term, and scalping. You can also set manual take profit and stop loss values in terms of pips. 

The indicator offers an indication of market movements based on major news releases. Instead of using it as a standalone indicator, you can also combine Pipbreaker with other oscillators like Moving Average and PSAR to get confirmation signals. It allows you to trade in all currency pairs and sends you notifications when you reach a profit target or suffer a loss. 

If you are in need of support, you can get in touch with the customer service team anytime between Monday and Friday. The website has a live chat feature that is active 24/7. For all new EA versions, the vendor provides regular free updates.

Applied strategies

Unfortunately, the vendor has not shared any information related to the trading strategy. We would have liked to know what long-term and short-term strategies are compatible with this indicator and how it gauges the strength of a trend. Without strategy insight, most traders would not feel too confident about using this indicator for live trading.

Backtests are important for automated trading systems since they reveal their ability to deal with different market conditions. From these tests, we get to know about different performance factors like profitability, drawdown, profit factor, etc. Since Pipbreaker is a Forex indicator and not an expert advisor, the vendor has not shared the backtesting results for the same.

Pipbreaker trading results

Trading setup of Pipbreaker.

There is no verified trading account for Pipbreaker. Seasoned traders always look for trading statistics published on third-party websites like Myfxbook, FXBlue, or FXStat. This is a sign of authenticity because the vendor has no opportunity to manipulate the results. In the absence of verified statistics, there is no way we can consider Pipbreaker a profitable indicator. Also, we cannot confirm whether the vendor’s claim about the success rate is true or not. While there are some screenshots of trading setups on the official website, they cannot substitute for verified trading results.

Pricing & refund

Pricing details of Pipbreaker.

You can purchase Pipbreaker at the price of $249.99. We feel this is excessive for an indicator that is not supported by verified live statistics. You can get high-performance indicators on the market at much cheaper rates. On top of that, the vendor does not entertain refund requests, which makes it an even riskier investment.

Other notes

User testimonial for Pipbreaker on the official website.

Pipbreaker does not have any authentic user reviews on trusted websites like Quora, Myfxbook, Trustpilot, and Forexpeacearmy. Therefore, it is clear that not many traders are currently using this system for placing live trades. The official website has a long list of customer testimonials, but it is very likely that the vendor has manufactured them.


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