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Pionex Infinity GRID Trading Bot Review: Should You Use This Trading Bot?

Pionex Infinity GRID Trading Bot Review: Should You Use This Trading Bot?

The Infinity GRID Trading Bot is the premium version of Grid Trading Bot. The devs indicate that Infinity eliminates the worry associated with the market price surpassing your grid price range. It ensures that the total asset amounts remain unchanged as the price continues to increase. 

Pionex Infinity GRID Trading Bot overview

Infinity is a product by Pionex, an exchange platform that allows you to auto trade crypto currency. The company has been around since 2019, and is, in fact, one of the few exchange platforms that feature trading bots in their offering. It is based in Singapore and the United States, but the real identity of the developers is not indicated on the official website. 

Pionex Infinity GRID Trading Bot quick summary

Below you will find the key aspects of this bot:

  • It helps you to buy low and sell high.
  • It lets users to either choose the “AI strategy” or “Manual setting” to trade.
  • The parameters of the AI strategy are computed from backtesting the last 30 days of market data.

Is it easy to use? 

Yes, it is. This bot is uncomplicated, thanks to the detailed tutorials the vendor offers to explain how it works in the market. The different in-built parameters are also described to ensure that you understand what each does. Nothing is left to chance as the vendor goes a little further to provide an example of how the bot will keep your investment to use. 

Pionex Infinity GRID Trading Bot reputation

The reputation of this system is not known per se, but what we can tell you is that its acceptability is fully hinged on what people say about Pionex. In a general sense, Pionex’s reputation is good. A significant portion of the crypto trading community has received it well, owing to its ability to offer effective trading bots. 

What crypto exchanges are supported?

The main supported crypto exchange is Pionex. No other exchanges are available for users. 


Infinity is one of the many bots being offered for free by Pionex. Therefore, what you need to do is set up an account with Pionex and then access this robot at a zero cost. You won’t be expected to make one-time purchases or be taxed out of the blue after using the app for a while. 

Security of Pionex Infinity GRID Trading Bot

The security of this bot is dependent on Pionex since the exchange is the one that hosts it. That being said, Infinity is safe so long as Pionex is. The devs claim to maintain appropriate physical, technical, and administrative security measures meant to safeguard your private info from loss, misuse, and disclosure. 

Are traders happy with Pionex Infinity GRID Trading Bot?

It seems so. Pionex has an impressive score on Trustpilot. Out of the 229 reviews that have been posted on the site, the average rating is 4.2. As we scoured through the comments, these things became clear—Pionex is easy to use, charges very low fees, and most of its bots have profitable strategies. So, being a product of Pionex, it is fair to conclude that Infinity is a useful tool and may have earned decent incomes for its users. 

Pionex page on Trustpilot.
User feedback on Trustpilot.
Customer review on Trustpilot.
User testimonial on Trustpilot.

Profitability of Pionex Infinity GRID Trading Bot

There is no guarantee that Infinity will generate profits for you throughout since the market can go in the opposite direction. More so, numerous aspects like demand and supply impact the price of coins, making it hard to forecast the general price trend. More often than not, veteran traders who have acquired the skills can leverage the features of Infinity to make big revenues. In contrast, newbies who lack plain knowledge of the market and make hurried trades can suffer losses. 

Deposits, withdrawals, and fees

The amount of deposit you need to have to trade with the bot is not specified. In any case, deposits are made in cryptocurrencies, which means you can’t be allowed to work with any Fiat currency that may be in your wallet. Again, you are allowed to make withdrawals in crypto form, but you might have to incur a small withdrawal fee. The amount is dependent on the coin you are working with. No other fees are charged. 

Advantages of Pionex Infinity GRID Trading Bot

Easy to use

The vendor provides all the necessary resources you need to understand how the bot operates.

The vendor’s reputation is good

The trading community has attested to the efficiency of the vendor’s products. 


You don’t need to pay anything to access the system.

Disadvantages of Pionex Infinity GRID Trading Bot

Doesn’t guarantee profits

The profits you get depend on your effort and market conditions.


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