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Perfect Score Review

Perfect Score

Perfect Score is a newly-launched Forex EA that is said to be suitable for both beginners and seasoned Forex traders. It works with both MT4 and MT5 platforms and is easy to install and operate. As per the vendor, it does not use risky strategies like Arbitrage, Martingale, and Grid.

How Perfect Score EA Works

There is no official website for Perfect Score. On its MQL5 page, the vendor has discussed the main features and given us an idea of what the robot is about. We have a list of recommendations and features, along with the various system settings and what they signify. Finally, we can see a few screenshots of backtesting and live trading results.

This system has been designed by Sergei Rubin, a professional algo trader based in Russia. We don’t have much information about this person except for the fact that he is the seller of various other robots like Boss EA, HistoryShifter, GoldenBot, SharkEA, RocketEA, etc. 

With Perfect Score, each of your trades is protected by a stop-loss. You can run this EA with any broker and it is not sensitive to spread either. It does not use any risky money management schemes, in spite of having an optional grid system.

The vendor claims that the EA is robust enough to resist unforeseen changes in the market and that it has been stress tested at variable speed with 99.90% tick data. Users are advised to keep an eye on the GMT parameters. They must be set as per the GT Offset of the broker in order to ensure a steady stream of profit. 

Perfect Score trades in the M5 timeframe with a minimum account balance of $50. The vendor recommends using it with the EUR/USD pair since the default parameters are adjusted for this particular pair. 

Applied Strategies

Perfect Score makes its entry into the market once the London Stock Exchange opens. The strategy is based on reversal patterns for the short term, which tries to take advantage of the tendency of the prices to return to the average during the London session. Since it is protected against high spreads, you have the option of choosing an automatic or fixed lot size.

We don’t consider this to be a clear explanation of the strategy. Thus, we’d like the vendor to share some further details about it. Many Forex traders are technically sound, and they like to analyze the strategy thoroughly to figure out the system’s profitability. The lack of strategy insight might disappoint them.

Perfect Score backtest
Perfect Score backtest

On the MQL 5 page, we have the backtesting data for Perfect Score conducted on the EUR/USD pair for the M5 timeframe. A total of 1655 trades were placed in this backtest, all of which were won by the robot. Now, we think a 100% win rate is quite unrealistic, and it could be that the vendor has manufactured these results somehow since they are verified by a third-party source.

A total net profit of $9138280.82 was generated by Perfect Score from an initial deposit of $300, during this backtest. To us, it looks too good to be true, and we need to compare the results with a live trading account to get an idea about the system’s reliability.

Perfect Score Trading Results

Perfect Score Myfxbook

We came upon this live trading account for Perfect Score on the Myfxbook website, and after studying it, we think the backtesting results might be genuine after all. It was launched on 5th March 2020 but has placed only 107 trades to date. As we can see, only two trades were lost by the robot, which represents a win rate of 98%. 

Already, a net profit of $3234.53 has been obtained through this account, from a small deposit of $350. This represents a time-weighted return of 924.15%, which is quite spectacular. The profit factor of 3.79 is enough to impress any Forex trader, but because of the short trading history, we cannot put too much weight on it.

Pricing and Refund

Perfect Score can be bought for $1499, which we think is an exorbitant amount. There are plenty of reliable and trusted Forex EAs with longer track records that ask for much less. The robot can also be rented for 3 months at $399, and there is a free demo version available as well.

Customer Reviews

Perfect Score Customer Reviews

We found a few reviews for Perfect Score on the Myfxbook website. One user has stated that the signals provided by the system are risky and the Risk/Reward ratio is not decent.


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