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Nvidia and Tesla: A Unique Relationship


Artificial Intelligence at the Core

Both Nvidia and Tesla stocks share a connection through the realm of artificial intelligence. This bond is deeply rooted in the significance both companies hold within the trading landscape.

The AI Effect

The influence of artificial intelligence is a driving force behind both entities. Despite the positive impact AI has brought, it also comes with its fair share of risks. The overarching hype surrounding AI plays a pivotal role in shaping the stock market for both Nvidia and Tesla. As the saying goes, when Nvidia shares experience a downturn, Tesla stocks also feel the effects.

Earnings Insights

Keeping a close eye on Nvidia’s fiscal fourth-quarter earnings report, set to be unveiled this Wednesday evening, is crucial. Wall Street anticipates a substantial increase in sales compared to the previous year. Projections suggest sales could reach around $20.4 billion, a substantial leap from the prior year’s $6.1 billion mark.

Tesla’s AI Leap

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, frequently emphasizes that Tesla extends beyond just being an automotive manufacturer. In his view, Tesla operates more like a robotics and AI company. Musk’s vision depicts Tesla vehicles as robotic entities on wheels, with cutting-edge driver-assistance software that relies heavily on AI computing. Some industry analysts, including Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas, foresee Tesla monetizing its AI capabilities by offering them as a service to other businesses.

Trading Activity

Although both Nvidia and Tesla rank among the top traded stocks on Wall Street, Nvidia has recently claimed the top position from its electric vehicle counterpart. Reuters data reveals that Nvidia’s shares boast an average daily trading volume of approximately $30 billion over the past 30 sessions, surpassing Tesla’s $22 billion average daily trading turnover.

Alert: Stay tuned for Nvidia’s earnings report as it could have a ripple effect on Tesla’s performance in the stock market.

The Changing Dynamics in EV Industry

The recent shift in position within the EV company rankings has sparked interest among traders and investors alike. This change not only reflects the evolving landscape of the industry but also sheds light on the significance of stock performance in attracting investor attention.

Implications of Leadership Position

The shift to second place by the EV company raises questions about which stock holds more relevance in today’s market. This leadership position is not merely a symbolic title but can impact various aspects such as valuation multiples and stock liquidity, which in turn, can influence ease of raising capital.

Nvidia’s Rise and Its Impact

While Nvidia’s ascent poses a potential risk to Tesla’s stock, it is a relatively minor concern. However, this shift does not imply that traders will disregard Tesla as a viable investment option.

Market Movement

In early trading on Wednesday, Tesla’s shares saw a 2.1% increase, whereas Nvidia experienced a 2% decline ahead of its earnings report. The Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500 were down by 0.4% and 0.2%, respectively.

Shares of other companies in the electric vehicle sector also showed movement:

  • NIO shares were up by approximately 3%
  • BYD stock saw a 2.2% increase in Hong Kong trading
  • Ford’s stock experienced a slight decline of 0.2%
  • General Motors’ stock witnessed a 1.8% increase

Earnings Report Update

Lucid Group’s shares surged by 1.8%, while Rivian Automotive shares saw a 1.3% decrease. Both companies are slated to announce their earnings after the closing bell.


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