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NightVision EA Review

NightVision EA

NightVision EA is a trading solution that was released half a year ago on MQL5. Since January 31 up to the current day, it has got seven activations and 547 demo downloads. The developer is Alexander Kalinkin. The last 6.5 update was published on 23 May, 2021. 

How NightVision robot works

The presentation is short. It doesn’t answer all our questions about what we should expect from trading with it on a real account.

  • The system executes orders completely automatically. 
  • NightVision can work on the MT5 terminal (MT4 version is also available). 
  • It runs a night scalping strategy. 
  • It works an hour before and after Midnight. 
  • “The EA uses a number of unique author’s developments that have been successfully tested on real trading accounts.”
  • It can be used on various trading instruments. 
  • We can copy the signals from this system. 
  • The recommended broker is IC Markets. 
  • It requires to be used on an ECN account. 
  • It doesn’t run risky strategies like Arbitrage, Grid, and Martingale. 
  • It places SL and TP levels on every trade. 
  • The account should be low commission as well. 
  • It can work with fixed or manic lot sizes. 

Applied strategies

  • The robot executes a night scalping strategy. 
  •  We can trade sixteen cross pairs. 
NightVision currency pairs.
  • A time frame wasn’t mentioned. 

NightVision EA trading results

The presentation doesn’t include backtest reports. It’s a disadvantage. So, we have no idea what happened before the system was released. 

NightVision EA live trading results.

The system runs a real account on IC Markets automatically with 1:500 leverage on the MT5 platform. The track record is not verified. So, the data was managed. The account was created on November 22, 2020. Since then, the absolute gain has become 63.71%. An average monthly gain is 5.95%. The maximum drawdown is 21.81%. 

NightVision EA trading activities.

The robot has closed 425 orders with 1084 pips. An average win is 8.96 pips when an average loss is -13.00 pips. The win rate for longs is 71% and 69% for shorts. An average trade length is 13 hours and 42 minutes. The profit factor is 1.38. 

NightVision EA trading pairs.

EURGBP and USDCHF with 47 orders are the most traded symbols. The most profitable is GBPCAD, with 182.2 pips. 

NightVision EA houry activities.

The robot works during the night session only. 

NightVision EA daily trading activities.

The robot works weirdly during the week. 

NightVision EA risks.

The robot works with medium risks to the account balance.

NightVision EA closed orders.

The robot works with two-order Grids. It trades with trailing Stop Loss. 

NightVision EA monthly trading activities.

The system closed in previous months with different successes. July 2021 was completely lost. 

Pricing & refund

NightVision EA pricing.

The system costs much – $449 for a digital copy. The rental options aren’t available. We can download a demo copy for executing a backtest. 

People feedback

NightVision EA testimonials.

The presentation includes only three pieces of feedback. We can’t be sure that they are relevant. 

Other notes

The developer’s profile on MQL5.

Alexander Kalinkin from Russia is the developer of NightVision EA. He has a 2775 rate and 1432 friends. His products have a 4.1 rate based on 56 reviews.


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