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New Quality Issue Identified on Boeing 737 Max Aircraft


A new quality issue has recently come to light concerning the troubled Boeing 737 Max aircraft. The supplier, Spirit AeroSystems, has reported a problem with elongated fastener holes on the aft pressure bulkhead. It is important to note that only certain units are affected since Spirit AeroSystems sources the bulkhead from multiple suppliers.

According to Spirit AeroSystems, they currently anticipate no significant impact on their delivery range for the year due to this issue. However, the publication AIr Current has suggested that the company is making plans to address possible delivery delays in the near future.

Although Boeing has confirmed that there are no immediate safety concerns with the aircraft, they have not yet provided an official statement in response to this matter.

Worth mentioning is that the Boeing 737 Max faced considerable setbacks after the tragic crashes that occurred in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Following these incidents, a flight prohibition order was imposed and lasted until November 2020.

As a result of this news, there was a decline in Boeing stock BA, -0.65% by 3% during after-hours trading on Wednesday. In a similar vein, Spirit AeroSystems stock SPR, -0.09% also experienced a decline of 6%.

Overall, it is crucial for all parties involved to address and resolve this new quality issue promptly and efficiently to ensure the continued safety and reliability of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft.


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