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NapBots Review: What Do You Need to Know?

NapBots Review: What Do You Need to Know?

NapBots is a trading platform for crypto investors. It designs profitable strategies which are made available to users in a special marketplace. The platform also offers automated execution on all major exchanges like Bitmex, Binance Futeru, Bitpanda Pro, etc. via API connection. In this Napbots review, we have analyzed the crucial aspects of the platform including its features, performance, support, and other characteristics.

NapBots overview


The platform is a trademark of the Napoleon Crypto Group. The company was founded by quant traders who have many years of experience in managing assets worth several billion at tier-one financial groups. We could not find further company details like the location address, founding year, developer team info, phone number, etc.

NapBots quick summary

The significant features of this service are:

  • Crypto signals that you can use to automate your trading approach.
  • Choose from the various bots that are designed to suit different investment styles, auto rebalancing, or day trading.
  • All bots have features like TP, SL, etc. for risk management.
  • The portfolio tracker is safe and accurate in its operation.
  • You can manage the accounts you have on multiple exchanges with the service.

Is it easy to use?

Using this platform is easy. You need to choose a suitable pricing plan, connect your account to the platform using your API key, choose your strategy or create your strategy and start trading. As per the vendor you can pick from active real-money bots and follow the trades with a fixed investment. Since all the operations are on autopilot you need not do routine checks. Your funds are held in the exchange and not by the service so they are safe.

NapBots reputation

As per the info on the About Us section of the official site, this service is operated by the Napoleon Crypto Group which also owns and manages Napoleon AM, a regulated asset manager in France. There is no info on the founding year or the experience of the developers which makes it difficult to evaluate the reputation of the company.

What crypto exchanges are supported?

The main exchanges this company supports are:

  • FTX
  • Binance
  • Kraken
  • Bitmex
  • Bitpanda
  • OKEX


Pricing plans include silver (€19/mo), gold (€49/mo), and platinum(€99/mo) plans. The features provided include unlimited and real mode execution, unlimited copy, access to all supported pairs, automated mode allocation, and a copy weekly bot feature. The gold and platinum plans have additional features like custom bot allocation, leverage, short bot, machine learning, and more. All plans come with a 7-day free trial.

Security and privacy of NapBots

The vendor mentions that the company does not handle the funds of users as they are kept safely in the exchange account of the user. We could not find info on the security measures the company has in place to safeguard user funds and privacy.

What about customer support?

For support, the company offers an FAQ section, a help center, a supportive community, and an online contact form. 

We found 185 reviews for the company on the Trustpilot site with a rating of 4/5. Here are a few of the feedback:

User review for NapBots on the Trustpilot site.
User review for NapBots on the Trustpilot site.

From the above reviews, it is clear that the customers find the platform effective. They commend the support and developer team. Another user complains of the terminal windows and smart trade windows being too big to fit in the laptop monitor which makes it difficult to monitor the market and trades.

Profitability of NapBots

The vendor does not provide verified proof of performance. The lack of verified performance stats makes it difficult to know whether the system is profitable or not.

Deposits, withdrawals, and fees

Other than the monthly subscription plans, there are no charges for deposits and withdrawals as the platform does not offer these facilities.

Advantages of NapBots

Numerous strategies

When you subscribe to the service, you get access to more than 20 proprietary strategies developed by the experienced developer team. You can choose from the methods available or make a combo that suits you.

Unique algorithm

The special algorithm used by the service helps analyze the market info in real-time and provides signals that have a winning rate of more than 75%.

Free trial

A free trial for 7 days is present with all the three pricing plans of the service. You can use the trial offer to check the efficacy of the system before you choose a package.

Disadvantages of NapBots

Expensive pricing

When compared to other crypto bots, we find the pricing structure is very expensive. A free trial is present. But the lack of a refund offer makes us suspect the reliability of the system.

Lack of functionality

There is minimal info on the bots available. The vendor does not provide a proper explanation of how the bots work. 


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