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Mood EA Review

Mood EA

Mood EA is a system that works based on the momentum indicator. The presentation is short and not informative enough. Nevertheless, let’s check this trading tool, its key features and how it works under different market conditions.

How Mood EA works

The presentation is two lines long. It means that the system is a scam. Good presentations must include at least explanations about strategies, risks, money management, settings, and so on. 

  • The system helps us with executing orders completely automatically for us. No extra effort is needed. 
  • The system “works on the Momentum indicator, which is a leading indicator. To enter a position, the advisor uses the oversold or overbought conditions of this indicator, catching the “mood” of traders.”
  • So, there’s two layer decision making.
  • That’s everything that the dev wants to tell us about the robot. It’s an absolutely poor presentation. 
  • We should contact a developer after purchasing the system. 
  • There are real time trading results provided. 
  • We can decide what directions we would like to trade. 
  • The system can support manual opened orders. 
  • There’s a hedge option. 
  • The robot can calculate lot sizes for each open order.
  • It can work based on free margin. 
  • We are allowed to use a lot multiplier for the following orders. 
  • We can customize TP and SL levels. 
  • There’s a trailing feature. 
  • It can reduce drawdowns. 
  • All orders opened by the system are marked by the personal magic number. 
  • We are allowed to decide what hours the system can trade. There’s a spreads filter added. 

Applied strategies

  • The strategy is based on a momentum indicator. 
  • We don’t know what pairs it should work on. 
  • The time frame wasn’t mentioned either. 

The presentation isn’t featured by backtest reports. It’s a solid con because we don’t know if the robot received proper testing on real tick data from a chosen broker. So, we have no drawdowns, win rates, or other details revealed. 

Mood EA trading results

Mood EA trading results.

The robot runs only a demo account on RoboForex with a huge leverage – 1:2000 automatically. The maximum drawdown was deep – 75.3% as well as the maximum deposit load, 90.2%. The account works for four weeks. An initial deposit was $1000 only. The absolute growth is 624.02%. 

Mood EA details.

An average trade frequency is 82 deals weekly. An average holding time is 14 hours. 

Mood EA growth chart.

It’s clear that there’s high risk trading behind. 

Mood EA closed orders.

The robot works with 42 times increased lot sizes. That’s insane. 

Mood EA statistics

There were 320 orders executed. The best trade is $1300.77 when the worst trade is -$313.78. The recovery factor is 4.48, when the profit factor is 3.35. 

Mood EA distribution.

GBPAUD is the most traded pair with 59 orders traded. 

Mood EA warnings.

The MQL5 watchdogs warned the system consistently. 

Pricing & refund

The robot is available for $149. We have no rental options provided. The system is available for demo usage. There are no refund possibilities applied. 

People feedback

People testimonials.

We have only positive testimonials from no name people. 

Other notes

The dev’s profile.

The developer is Vasiliy Strukov from Russia. His rate is 108,184. There are 16 products on the board. His products have a 5 star rating based on 542 customer reviews written. 


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