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Microsoft Sees Strong Sales Growth in Q3


Microsoft has reported faster sales growth in the third quarter, driven by strong performance in its Microsoft Azure cloud business. The company’s profit has risen 27%, surpassing the expectations of Wall Street analysts. As a result, Microsoft’s shares have risen by 4.1% to $344 after the market closed.

Alphabet’s Cloud Computing Segment Disappoints in Q3

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has posted third-quarter profit that exceeded Wall Street’s estimates. However, its cloud-computing segment has reported lackluster results. Sales in the company’s cloud business have grown by 22% in Q3, but this growth has been slower compared to last year and fell short of analysts’ expectations. Consequently, Alphabet’s shares have fallen by 6.1% to $131.51 after-hours.

Stride Reports Profit in Q1, Boosted by Higher Education-Technology Enrollment

In the fiscal first quarter, Stride has turned a profit from a year-ago loss as its revenue increased by almost 13% to $480.2 million. Analysts surveyed by FactSet were anticipating a loss during this period, but the company’s higher education-technology enrollment has provided a significant boost. As a result, Stride’s shares have risen by 12% to $49.85 after the market closed.


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