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Meta Platforms Expanding GPU Capabilities


Meta Platforms, the parent company of Instagram, recently announced its plans to significantly expand its graphics processing unit (GPU) capabilities. CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the company aims to have 350,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs and almost 600,000 H100 compute equivalent GPUs by the end of this year.

Advancing Artificial Intelligence

Zuckerberg emphasized Meta’s long-term vision of developing general intelligence and making it accessible to all. The company intends to open source this technology responsibly, paving the way for widespread adoption. In order to support their ambitious roadmap for artificial intelligence, Meta is building a robust compute infrastructure.

AI Integration

Furthermore, Zuckerberg expressed his excitement about the progress Meta has made in incorporating AI technology into various devices. One notable example is their collaboration with Ray Ban to develop smart glasses with integrated AI capabilities.

The Appeal of Nvidia’s GPUs

Nvidia’s GPUs have garnered considerable attention from both startups and enterprises. This is due to their exceptional suitability for handling the parallel computations required in AI projects. As such, Meta’s decision to invest in Nvidia’s H100 GPUs comes as no surprise.

Lack of Clarity

Although Meta has not provided specific details regarding the timing of their H100 purchases or the inclusion of other Nvidia GPU models or third-party equivalents, it is evident that they are firmly committed to expanding their GPU capabilities.

The Cost of Expansion

Nvidia has declined to comment on the timing of Meta’s H100 purchases. However, based on the price of approximately $25,000 per GPU and Meta’s quantity of 350,000, it is estimated that the total investment could amount to nearly $9 billion.


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