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Meta Inc.’s Threads: A Genuine Competitor to Twitter


Meta Inc.’s Threads, designed to rival social-media giant Twitter, has already amassed an impressive user base of over 104 million since its recent launch, as reported by Quiver Quantitative’s Threads Tracker.

According to Quiver Quantitative’s analysis, these numbers were derived from the Threads account figures displayed on Instagram pages.

Mark Zuckerberg Confirms Over 100 Million Sign-ups

In a recent Threads Monday post, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed his excitement, stating, “Threads reached 100 million sign-ups over the weekend. The demand has been primarily organic, and we haven’t even started many promotional activities yet. It’s hard to believe it has only been 5 days!”

The positive response to Threads is reflected in Meta’s stock performance, which showed a 0.3% increase in premarket trading on Tuesday after ending Monday’s session with a 1.2% gain.

Focusing on Productive Conversations

Meta emphasized its commitment to fostering positive and productive discussions within the Threads platform. In a statement released last week, the company stated, “We built Threads with tools to enable positive, productive conversations. Users have control over who can mention them or reply to their threads within the app.”

Similar to Instagram, Hidden Word Filters are available on Threads to help users filter out replies containing specific words that they do not wish to see.

Twitter CEO Takes a Dig at Threads

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of Twitter, took the opportunity to make a snide comment about Threads on Monday. In a tweet, she wrote, “Don’t want to leave you hanging by a thread… but Twitter, you really outdid yourselves! Last week, we had our largest usage day since February. There’s only ONE Twitter. You know it. I know it.”

Elon Musk joined in on Yaccarino’s tweet, highlighting the difficulty in manipulating cumulative user-seconds of phone screen time reported by iOS and Android devices. He also added, “I think we may hit an all-time record this week.”

Threads has shown impressive growth since its launch, giving Twitter and other social-media platforms a run for their money. With its emphasis on productive conversations and user-friendly features, Threads is quickly establishing itself as a genuine competitor in the ever-evolving social-media landscape.


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