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Meena Flynn: A Journey in Finance


Meena Flynn’s passion for finance was ignited during her time at George Washington University. As a dedicated gymnast with dreams of competing in the Olympics, Flynn had to postpone her ambitions due to a knee injury. During her recovery, she seized the opportunity to do an internship at Friedman, Billings, Ramsey Group, where she worked on the institutional equity sales desk.

Upon entering the trading floor, Flynn immediately felt a surge of competitiveness. The dynamic nature of the markets and the intricate interplay between micro and macro perspectives fascinated her from an investing standpoint. This experience fueled her desire to pursue a career in finance.

In 1999, Flynn joined JPMorgan Chase, marking the beginning of her illustrious journey. In 2000, she made a pivotal move to Goldman Sachs, ultimately achieving partner status in 2014. Today, Flynn holds numerous responsibilities, one of which is co-chairing the global inclusion and diversity committee at Goldman Sachs.

Flynn’s commitment to fostering inclusion and diversity extends beyond her role within the company. Recently, she attended an exclusive event called “In the Lead” in California. This program specifically caters to ultrahigh-net-worth women and empowers them to manage their families’ wealth while actively participating in decision-making processes.

The financial landscape is witnessing a significant shift with more ultrahigh-net-worth women taking on influential roles in wealth management. Flynn recognizes this transformative trend and emphasizes the importance of empowering women to successfully navigate the world of finance.


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