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Lucky Gold Scalper Review

Lucky Gold Scalper
Lucky Gold Scalper Characteristics

Lucky Gold Scalper is a trading advisor that was 777 times activated and 775 times demo downloaded. The system was released a month ago, on March 12, 2021, by Nguyen Hang. The last version (3.9) was published on April 22, 2021.

How Lucky Gold Scalper Works

We have prepared all features, settings, and explanations in the following list:

  • The robot works completely automatically for us.
  • It performs a scalping strategy cutting little profits on XAU/USD.
  • The system can analyze the market and close positions with small losses without reaching SL levels.
  • The default settings should be kept if we have no experience in trading.
  • The minimum balance is $2000.
  • The optimal balance is $3000.
  • We may use it in any time frame.
  • We have to run the system on a VPS service with low latency (20 ms or less).
  • It should be used on an ECN or Raw Spread account that allows Hedging.
  • We are not allowed to use this EA with other advisors on the same account.

Applied Strategies

  • The system performs a scalping strategy. The second strategy is Price Action.
  • Lucky Gold Scalper works only with Gold.
  • It can run on any time frame.

Lucky Gold Scalper Trading Results

Lucky Gold Scalper Backtests

We have a Gold backtest on the M5 time frame. The trading period was almost fourteen months. The modeling quality was 90.00%. The spreads were 15 pips. An initial deposit was $1,000. The total net profit has become $809,828,801. The Profit Factor was 1.99. The maximal drawdown was 0.96%. The system has closed 217,821 deals. The Short position win rate was 86.09%, when the Longs position win rate was 88.25%.

Lucky Gold Scalper Trading Results

It’s a demo USD account on TickMill with 1:500 leverage. The maximum drawdown is 18%. The maximum deposit load is 7.6%. The win rate is 93.4%. The account has been working for 13 weeks. The signal quality is low. An initial deposit was set at $3017.14. The growth is 156.40%. Signals are available for free.

Lucky Gold Scalper Trading Results

An average trade frequency is 212 deals weekly. An average trade length is 41 minutes. The account was created on January 26, 2021.

Lucky Gold Scalper Trading Results

All months were closed with profits.

Lucky Gold Scalper drawdown

The robot trades with some periods of high drawdowns.

Lucky Gold Scalper Trading Results

There were 7194 trades closed. The Gross Profit is $21,109 when the Gross Loss is -$16,391. The maximum win streak is 182 deals ($427.46). The Recovery Factor is 7.92. The Profit Factor amounts to 1.29. An average profit is $3.14 when an average loss is ten times higher – $34.65. An average monthly gain is 10.51%.

Lucky Gold Scalper Trading Results

As we can see, the SELL direction is a bit ahead of the BUY one.

Pricing & Refund

Lucky Gold Scalper Pricing

There is a mess. How is the system for $357 available for seven buyers if a copy is left? It’s nonsense. 

Lucky Gold Scalper Pricing

The current price is $399 for a Lucky Gold Scalper lifetime copy. There are three rental options. The three-month rent costs $197. The six-month rent costs $257 (35% save). The annual rent costs $297 (63% save). We can download a demo copy to try the system on tests and check the settings on the terminal.

People feedback

Lucky Gold Scalper People feedback

People noticed that the system trades without Stop Loss. On Gold, it’s a one-way ticket.

Other notes

Lucky Gold Scalper. The developers have sixteen robots on the board.

The developers have sixteen robots on the board.

Lucky Gold Scalper. The developer’s profile has a 14,645 rate with 3 signals on the board.

The developer’s profile has a 14,645 rate with 3 signals on the board.

Overall rating
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