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Li Auto Stock Surges After Solid Earnings


Li Auto’s stock experienced a significant increase after unveiling impressive earnings that surpassed expectations, positioning the company as a strong contender within the electric vehicle sector. The company reported fourth-quarter earnings per American Depositary Receipt (ADR) of 60 cents, generating sales of $5.8 billion. This exceeded Wall Street’s projections of 44 cents and $5.5 billion, respectively. A substantial improvement from the previous year’s earnings per ADS of 4 cents from $2.5 billion in sales.

Performance Highlights

  • Operating Margin Boost: Li Auto’s fourth-quarter operating margin soared to 7.3%, a substantial improvement from previous results which hovered around break-even levels.
  • Strategic Vision: CEO Xiang Li emphasized the company’s success in navigating the competitive NEV market in 2023, particularly with its three prominent Li L series models. Li Auto’s remarkable performance in 2023, driven by scale expansion, continuous R&D enhancements, and enhanced operational efficiency, lays a strong foundation for future growth opportunities. The company is focused on diversifying its product offerings and catering to a broader spectrum of user needs in 2024.

With promising financial results and a strategic growth roadmap, Li Auto is poised for further success in the electric vehicle industry.

Li Auto Aims for 100,000-103,000 Vehicle Deliveries in Q1

Li Auto, the Chinese car company, is on track to deliver an impressive 100,000 to 103,000 vehicles in the first quarter of this year. This marks a significant increase from the 53,000 vehicles delivered in the same period last year. In terms of monthly deliveries, Li Auto expects to deliver around 35,000 vehicles in both February and March. Notably, the company delivered 31,165 vehicles in January.

Analyst Expectations vs. Reality

Citi analyst Jeff Chung shared on Monday that investors were anticipating approximately 85,000 to 90,000 deliveries for the first quarter. The positive outlook provided by Li Auto was well-received, leading to a 12% increase in U.S.-listed ADRs of the company during premarket trading, reaching $38.99. On the other hand, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite futures remained stable.

Market Trends and Performance

Leading up to Monday’s trading session, Li Auto’s ADRs had experienced a 16% decline over the past three months. In comparison, Tesla shares dropped by 18% during the same period, while NIO and XPeng saw decreases of 27% and 53%, respectively. Concerns among investors about escalating electric vehicle competition coupled with a slowdown in demand growth have impacted these market trends.

Positive Signals for Li Auto

Despite these challenges, Li Auto’s recent performance suggests a more optimistic outlook. The company’s robust quarter hints at potential improvements beyond initial expectations. As a result, NIO and XPeng shares experienced gains of approximately 2.4% and 3.6% in premarket trading, respectively.

Tesla’s Presence in China

China remains a key market for new cars and electric vehicles, with Tesla generating a significant portion of its 2023 sales from the region. While Tesla stock didn’t see a notable increase during premarket trading, it further underscores the competitive landscape present within the Chinese EV market.


Li Auto’s ambitious delivery targets for the first quarter signal confidence amidst challenging market conditions. With competition intensifying and demand dynamics evolving, the company’s performance provides a glimmer of hope for investors looking towards the future of electric vehicles.


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