Best Laptops For Day Trading 2019


When it comes to trading, most newbies don’t think much about computers or laptops that can help them. They simply want to learn how to trade and make money. And while that’s good, the tools you use can also make an impact on your trading. Just like a professional gamer needs to know the best laptops for gaming, if you want to be a professional trader you must find the best laptops for trading. 

They aren’t specifically designed for this. But there are a few factors to consider when you’re purchasing a laptop. Understand that in the beginning it’s okay to use what you have. Whether it’s your $200 laptop or tablet, it can make do for the moment. But as time progresses, you might want to invest in a better laptop or PC. 

Factors To Consider When Buying A Laptop For Day Trading

Before knowing the best laptops for trading in 2019, first know the things to look out for so that you can decide if the laptop is worth it or not. 

1: Total screen size. 

Big screens are always better. A chart on a smartphone, tablet or laptop are very different sizes. And even in laptops, 12″ and 16″ can make a huge difference. 

You don’t always have to go for the largest screen. Especially if the laptop you find has other better features that are great too. But know that a wider screen is always good. 

2: RAM and Processing power

Find a laptop with a minimum of 8GB RAM. 16 GB is more preferred but 8GB will do just fine too. A bigger RAM has faster processing power to ensue there’s minimal lagging while you’re navigating different pages on the laptop. Laptops of SSD are faster and more efficient than HDD so despite your budget, pick a laptop with SSD storage. 

And considering you’re a day trader, you’ll need data to be processed faster without lagging. 

3: Screen Resolution

A higher resolution creates clearer images. As you’ll be on the chart most times, find a laptop with high display. A good number of laptops on the market are currently 4K UHD display to ensure all images are vivid. But others, like the Macbook Pro, has 5K display. More high quality charts. 

4: Graphics card. 

Graphics cards aren’t only for gaming purposes. In trading, you might want to install certain software (some large files) which means you’ll need a laptop with preinstalled graphics card. 

It’ll be hard and sometimes impossible to run the software without graphics card. Some of the popular graphics are NVIDIA and AMD. Find a laptop with at least 2GB of graphics card. 4GB is even better. 

The Best Laptops For Trading In 2019

Now that you know the things to look out for in a laptop, here are the top laptops for trading this year. Most of these are about $1000 and over. If that’s way beyond your budget, know that you can still find a good laptop for trading for a lesser price. 

1MacBook Pro

Apple products have been the market standard for quality for years now. In the laptop lines, the Macbook Pro is one of the leading laptops in the market. 

Prices start from $1299 and it comes in two models. The 13 inch model which weighs about 3 lbs and has a thickness of 14.9mm. This laptop has a 8th generation core i7 with 4 core processors to ensure fast performance in what you do. Additionally, it comes with 2TB SSD to store as many files as you need. 

The 15 inch laptop weighs 4 lbs (1.8 kg) and a thickness of 15.5 mm. It has a 32GB RAM which is more than necessary but still good. The storage capacity is 4TB SSD which you might never exhaust anyway but still might prove helpful to you. This 15″ model comes with a 9th Gen 8 core i9 processor. This makes it one of the most powerful laptop computers on the market currently. With this, you can open even 4 or more different windows and the laptop will work just fine without any lagging. 

Despite all this, both models come with 5K display which presents all images vividly and full of color. Your charting software will be so clear it’ll be hard to miss a trade due to poor vision. 

2Asus ZenBook 15 UX 533

Asus calls this laptop ‘The World’s Smallest 15 Inch Laptop’. It’s a 15.6 inch lightweight laptop weighing 1.59kg. It has a thickness of only 17.9mm making it easy to carry to anywhere you want. 

The 92% screen to body ratio ensures you won’t strain yourself as you’re working on the laptop. It has a 8th gen Intel core i7 processor which is 2.4x faster than the 7th generation. 

If you’re the person who likes a little comfort in your laptops, the you will like the Asus Zenbook 15. Among the features you’ll also get include the Amazon Alexa which you can command to do anything for you including tell jokes and organize tasks. You can also unlock the laptop with your face through Windows Hello and Cortana. And a backlit keyboard because you like it. 

The RAM is 16GB and a 1TB SSD storage. It also comes with a Nvidia graphics card therefore any software you install won’t cause issues to your laptop. 

And among other features you get, is the 17 hour lasting battery from this laptop. Of course, the capacity decreases with time and use. But that’s the standard period provided by the company. 

3Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 (15″)

This 15.6″ laptop has a 16GB RAM and a 4 TB storage capacity. The thickness is about 17.2mm which is so thin and a 720 HD camera for when you’re in a conference call or maybe talking to your mentor. As well as the storage, the laptop has 256GB of SSD. 

You can unlock the screen through the fingerprint scanner. The laptop has the 9th Gen core i7 processor. 

This PC was designed mainly for content creators due to some of the features available. But, since you don’t require too much as a day trader, it still gives you all the things you need to have a successful day trading career. 

Among other things you might like include the ThinkShutter which hides your webcam at all times unless when you need to use it. The price may be a little expensive as they are above $1000. 

The Dolby Vision 4K HDR display and the Dolby Atmos audio promise you a movie theater experience for when you’re done with the day’s work and just want to unwind with a movie. 

4Huawei Matebook X Pro

This is a great laptop for day trading as it is lightweight to carry at all times. At 1.33kg and a screen to body ratio of 91%, chances are you’ll never get tired of having this laptop around you. 

It’s actually a touchscreen laptop with a strong Corning gorilla case. The thickness is about 14.6mm and has a 4K display for you to get clear images at all times. It has a 8th gen core i7 processor and a 2 GB Nvidia graphics card for faster image processing. 

The camera sits on the keyboard and pops up when you want as a means to protect your privacy. And to cover this laptop, it has a 12 hour lasting battery so you’re okay with carrying it during the day without worrying of back up. 

5Dell XPS 15

The final PC to make on this list is the Dell XPS 15. Again, it’s not the best laptop for trading, but it provides everything you need as a day trader. The starting price is $1050. It has a 9th generation core i5 with up to 6 cores. 

The thing is, you might get varying features depending on where you’re located. Someone in Australia may get a 2 TB storage and 256GB SSD while another in US may get 1TB storage and maybe 500 GB SSD. 

Prices may also differ too dependingly but for the sake of averaging, some of the features you may get with this laptop include 8GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD. 

It also comes with OLED 4K UHD display that brings out high definition images. The inbuilt Nvidia graphics card is 4GB. And the battery can last up to 20 hours and 30 mins. The screen is fairly large at about 15.6 inches. 

Final Thoughts

Most of the laptops here are over $1000. Some day trading setups can be actually higher than this but if you’re just beginning, you’ll get other PCs too for a whole lot cheaper. 

The key is to get one that caters for all your needs. While these are the best laptops for trading in 2019, they can also be used for personal stuff. 

As your needs increase, so will be the need for something newer. So unless you have the money to purchase one, your budget laptop can work for basic trading and learning. 


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