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Keywords Studios Expects Strong Revenue and Profit Growth for 2024


Keywords Studios, a London-listed videogame services company, announced that it experienced an increase in revenue last year and anticipates a robust growth in both revenue and profit for 2024.

Positive Outlook for 2024

Keywords Studios attributes its optimistic outlook for the new year to several factors. These include improving organic growth, recent mergers and acquisitions, and the successful maintenance of adjusted operating profit margins above 15%. The company has also been diligently managing its costs and implementing efficient strategies across the organization.

Impressive Financial Results

The company estimates that its revenue for 2023 will reach approximately 780 million euros ($849.1 million), reflecting a 13% increase from 2022.

Additionally, Keywords Studios expects an adjusted operating profit of about EUR122 million, resulting in a margin of 15.6%. This achievement is made possible through cost-saving measures and overall operational efficiency. In comparison, the company reported an adjusted operating profit of EUR114.6 million for 2022.

CEO’s Positive Statement

Bertrand Bodson, the Chief Executive of Keywords Studios, expresses confidence in the company’s ability to navigate market conditions successfully in 2024. He also emphasizes their excitement about the opportunity to establish themselves as the leading technology-enabled platform, offering solutions throughout the content creation process in the world’s largest entertainment industries.

In conclusion, Keywords Studios anticipates strong growth in revenue and profit for 2024 due to various factors, including organic growth, recent mergers and acquisitions, and cost-saving measures. The company remains committed to delivering exceptional services in the evolving landscape of the entertainment industry.


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