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Kapola Trader EA Review

Kapola Trader EA

Kapola Trader EA is a trading advisor that works on the real account making profits. The presentation provides us with explanations about how the system functions in general and it doesn’t include features or other explanations. 

How Kapola Trader EA works

Let’s talk about the key features of this trading tool.

  • The system can cover us with absolutely hands-free trading experience. 
  • The robot can outperform market conditions closing orders in a profit.
  • This allows us to be profitable on the market.
  • It doesn’t require supervision.
  • The installation process takes several minutes.
  • We can enjoy safe trading with this trading solution.
  • We are allowed to open orders on: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, and NZDUSD.
  • There are various indicators that are used for spotting trading opportunities: Bollinger bands, CCI and others.
  • Traders with various experiences can use this system.
  • The advisor needs to be used on a VPS service.
  • The only time frame is M15. 
  • There are different entry points calculated.
  • It receives information from CCI to check where the right time to close an order is.
  • There’s a trailing stop loss feature applied. 
  • The win to lose ratio is 3:1. 
  • The developers provide us with support that allows us to get all the answers that we need.

Applied strategies

It works with the Bollinger Bands trading strategy. The advisor works with a Bollinger Bands tunnel to spot where the market is ready to reverse. So, after proper calculations, it places an order.

We have no backtest reports provided. This looks a bit suspicious because visitors want to check the final report to understand if the system fits expectations. So, the report usually provides information about win rate, risks, details, profitability, drawdowns, and so on.

Best Kapola Trader EA trading results

Kapola Trader EA trading results on Myfxbook.

The advisor has been running a real account on a not often used broker–Forex4you. The leverage is 1:500. It receives data from the indicators of MT4. The account has a verified track record. It was created on January 25, 2022, and deposited at $4,000. Since then, the absolute gain has become 84.07%. The maximum drawdown is low–7.82%. We have eight traders who track the account trading results.

Kapola Trader EA details.

The system has closed 759 deals with 3116 pips executed. An average win is 14.32 pips when an average loss is -22.77 pips. The win rate for longs is 73% when for shorts it is 71%. An average trade length is 13 hours and 40 minutes. The profit factor is 3.34. 

Kapola Trader EA closed orders.

The system uses 7.5x Martingale that sets the account at high risks.

Kapola Trader EA monthly profitability.

February looks twice profitable than January 2022.

Pricing & refund

The developers have increased the offer several days ago. The first package costs $99 for a lifetime license. There are the following features applied: one demo and one real license, lifetime access, 24/7 support, and free updates. The second pack is available for as low as $149. There are two real and two demo accounts. The Gold pack costs $249. There are four real and four demo licenses. We can rely on a money-back guarantee within 30 days.

People feedback

Kapola Trader EA’s profile on FPA.

The developers have created a page of the company on Forex Peace Army. We have an account connected and no testimonials written.

Other notes

The advisor works with risky strategies that are dangerous by default. So, if the advisor experiences drawdowns with Martingale lot sizes, it can half an account within a day.


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