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JPMorgan Chase Announces Leadership Changes in Commercial & Investment Bank


JPMorgan Chase has recently made significant changes to its executive team, expanding the roles and responsibilities of several key individuals. These changes include the appointment of Jennifer Piepszak and Troy Rohrbaugh as Co-Chief Executive Officers of the revamped Commercial & Investment Bank.

Currently serving as co-CEO of Consumer and Community Banking, Piepszak brings a wealth of experience to her new role. Rohrbaugh, on the other hand, is well-known as the Co-head of Markets and Securities Services and is highly respected within the industry.

This restructuring aims to consolidate JPMorgan Chase’s major wholesale businesses into one cohesive unit. The expanded Commercial & Investment Bank will incorporate Global Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Corporate Banking, Markets, Securities Services, and Global Payments.

Furthermore, Doug Petno, CEO of the Commercial Bank, will now lead the expanded Commercial Banking business. Viswas Raghavan, Co-head of Global Investment Banking, will assume the position of sole head of the Global Investment Banking franchise. Lastly, Marianne Lake, currently Co-CEO of CCB, will transition to the role of sole CEO for that particular business.

These changes highlight JPMorgan Chase’s commitment to strengthening its operations and positioning itself for continued success in the competitive financial landscape.


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