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Jennifer Grancio: A Journey from International Ethics to Finance


Jennifer Grancio’s path into finance may not have been traditional, but it has certainly left its mark. With a background as an assistant researcher in international ethics and a degree in international relations, Grancio began her career in a completely different field.

Around 30 years ago, Grancio found herself taking on a management consultant role at PwC. Initially, it was a means to cover her college expenses, but it turned out to be a pivotal moment. “I kind of caught the bug,” she admits. Fast forward to today, and Jennifer Grancio is now the CEO of Engine No. 1, an investment firm that offers a range of financial products including exchange-traded funds, a hedge fund, and a private-equity business.

While Engine No. 1 may be a new player in the industry, it has already made waves. In 2021, Grancio and her team made headlines with their historic proxy battle to win seats on the board of oil giant Exxon Mobil. Their focus? Confronting Exxon Mobil’s climate strategy head-on. In June 2021, Engine No. 1 introduced the Transform 500 ETF (ticker: VOTE), providing investors with an opportunity to use their ownership stake in companies to drive positive change. According to Grancio, if investors truly want to make a difference in an industry, they should own shares in the companies they seek to transform.

Grancio remains unwavering in her optimism for the future. She recognizes that change can take time, but asserts the importance of consistently sharing her firm’s story and mission.

As Jennifer Grancio continues to navigate the world of finance with Engine No. 1 and its innovative ETF products, one thing is clear: she is determined to make a lasting impact.


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