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Intuitive Machines Stock Plummets


Intuitive Machines, a leader in space exploration technology, experienced a significant drop in its stock value on Friday. The company’s CEO revealed that their moon lander, Odysseus, had landed on its side, sending shares plummeting by 20% to $7.68 in after-hours trading.

Stock Surge Followed by Sudden Decline

Just a day prior, Intuitive Machines had seen a 16% increase in stock value after announcing the successful landing of Odysseus on the moon. However, CEO Stephen Altemus shared in a press conference with NASA that an unexpected obstacle had caused the lander to tip over upon landing.

The Mishap Unveiled

Altemus displayed a model of the lunar lander, demonstrating how it had become positioned on its side due to its foot getting caught on the moon’s surface during the landing process.

While initial excitement surrounded Intuitive Machines’ successful mission, the sudden turn of events has left investors and space enthusiasts alike reeling from this unforeseen setback.

For more updates on Intuitive Machines and the future of space exploration, stay tuned for further developments.


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