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Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus Success


Surpassing Expectations and Making History

Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus lander has exceeded expectations by continuing to transmit data, marking yet another accomplishment for the space start-up that recently brought America back to the moon.

Unexpected Performance

Originally anticipated to run out of electricity on Wednesday evening, the Odysseus lander, powered by solar panels, remains operational near the moon’s south pole.

Impressive Stock Movement

Following this surprising development, Intuitive’s stock closed up 2.6% at $6.03 a share, outperforming the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite, which saw gains of 0.5% and 0.9%, respectively.

Rollercoaster Ride

Intuitive shares have experienced significant volatility since the moon mission commenced. The stock soared 35% on the day the lander departed for the moon, surged 50% as it neared its destination, and then rose by 16% on the day of the successful moon landing. However, a 30% drop occurred after news broke that the lander had tipped over upon landing.

Continued Communication

Despite concerns of a shortened mission due to the tipping incident, Intuitive confirmed that Odysseus is still transmitting data and communicating effectively.

Extended Mission Success

Initially slated for a seven-day mission before entering a dormant state, Odysseus is on track to surpass this timeframe despite being positioned on its side. The data it transmits is being utilized by Intuitive, NASA, and commercial partners.

Looking Ahead

With plans for a second moon mission in 2024, Intuitive Machines continues to push boundaries in space exploration. The exact timeline for the upcoming mission is yet to be finalized.

Future Signals

In a few weeks, when sunlight reaches the solar panels once more, Intuitive will determine if Odysseus can establish communication again.

Overall, the extended lifespan of Odysseus serves as another triumph for the Intuitive team, further solidifying their success in landing on the moon after more than half a century.


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