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Index Scalper PRO Review

Index Scalper PRO

Index Scalper PRO is a robot that was designed by Evgenii Aksenov who is a well-known advisor designer on MQL5. The last update was issued in January 2022. 

How Index Scalper PRO works

Let’s talk about details, features, and settings of the system. 

  • The system works based on a scalping strategy that works based on “the principle of movement to the average value of the price.”
  • The advisor can help us with executing our orders automatically. 
  • It fits both experienced and beginner traders. 
  • “Subsequently, the adviser will be withdrawn from sale in order to limit the number of users and not allow brokers to worsen trading conditions.”
  • It’s a ridiculous manipulation that should force us to buy the robot asap. 
  • There are SL and TP levels to protect the balance. 
  • It works without complicated setup. 
  • We can work with the next indices: DE30, DAX30, DE30Cash GER30, DE40, DAX40, DE40Cash, GER40, US30. 
  • “We recommend 3 set files Strategy #1 + 3 set files Strategy #2.”
  • We don’t know why they weren’t applied by default. 
  • The system should work only on low spreads accounts with 10 pips spreads or less. 
  • The account should be EXN or PRO. 
  • We have to use “VPN with minimal delay to the broker’s server. It is recommended to use a VPN broker or migration to a VPS MQL5.”
  • The deposit should include $100 or more. 
  • The only time frame is H1. 
  • We can work with any other advisor on the same account. 
  • We have to give the system a try on a demo account.

Applied strategies

  • The advisor works with a scalping strategy. 
  • The core time frame is H1. 
  • We can open orders on DE30, DAX30, DE30Cash GER30, DE40, DAX40, DE40Cash, GER40, US30. 
Index Scalper PRO backtest report.

We have a report of 99% quality that was received after testing a single symbol. An initial deposit was $1,000. The total net profit was $49,960,888. The maximum drawdown was 2.71%. The profit factor was 2.34. There were 53,945 deals traded. 

Index Scalper PRO trading results

Index Scalper PRO trading results.

The robot has been running a real USD account on ICMarkets. The platform is MT5. We have a leverage at 1:500. The maximum drawdown was 21.6% when the maximum deposit load is 38.3%. The win rate is 65%. The advisor has been working for 7 weeks. The absolute growth has become 26.96%. 

Index Scalper PRO details.

The system executes 250 deals a week. An average trade length is one hour. 

Index Scalper PRO growth chart.

The system shows an unpredictable growth chart. It looks risky. 

Index Scalper PRO closed orders.

The system frequently loses big money. 

Index Scalper PRO trading details.

The robot has traded 1059 deals. The best trade is $56.97 when the worst trade is -$26.57. The recovery factor is low, 1.43. 

Index Scalper PRO distribution.

It’s noticeable that the system trades DE40 mostly. It worked with Forex pairs earlier. 

Index Scalper PRO warnings.

The system has got various warnings from MQL5. 

Pricing & refund

Index Scalper PRO pricing.

A copy of the robot is available for $799. We have a single rental option for three months for $499. We can download a demo copy of the system for free. The developer doesn’t provide a refund policy. 

People feedback

People feedback on FPA.

There are several positive testimonials written about the system and people’s experience of using it. 

Other notes

The dev’s profile.

Evgenii Aksenov is a developer from Russia with a 164,370 rating. There are over 40 products with 21 signals in his portfolio. Their rate is 5 based on 784 reviews.


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