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We’d like to talk about ICHI Scraper 2.0 in this review.

ICHI SCALPER presentation

The robot was designed by a Synergy FX company. We know about it from the main statement: That the robot helps traders for over four years. To get started, we have to do three simple steps: buy the EA, deposit a minimum of A$5000, attach the EA to the charts.



The robot has some useful features:

  • It’s a scalper that performs on the M5 time frame.
  • The minimum deposit requirements are insane (A$5000). 
  • The robot is a fully automated trading solution.
  • We can rely on support if something goes wrong.
  • The installation is quick and simple.
  • The EA has five levels of risk from 1 (softcore) to 5 (aggressive).
  • The drawdowns can be up to 30%.
  • It keeps trades on the market for days if needed.
  • The Lot Size should be 0.01 for each $1000. It’s a huge requirement to be prepared with long-term and deep drawdowns.

Applied Strategies

It takes advantage of sideways during trend trading AUD/USD. 

ICHI SCALPER Applied Strategies

The robot calculates the trend’s strange and calculates. Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Entry Point.

ICHI SCALPER Applied Strategies

The developers explained what this strategy is up in simpler wording.

ICHI SCALPER Trading Results

ICHI SCALPER Trading Results

On the main page, the report is unavailable. We’ve got only a fake trading report designed in MSWord. 

ICHI SCALPER Trading Results

This chart shows how the robot increased the account balance five times for a year.

ICHI SCALPER monthly gain

Monthly gains are fake too. I don’t know any person who can trade like this and wills to sell the EA. You just don’t need this, because you’re already such a rich person. It would be great not only to see these bars of profits but also to understand with what risks the EA works. To get over +10% or +15% of the monthly gain requires 10% risks or higher. Not many can handle it because of potential high drawdowns.

ICHI SCALPER Trading Results

As we can see, the report was generated on Dec 16 when trading was stopped in November. It seems to us this report is a backtest because Lot Size is high as for trading on the real account with a $3000 deposit.

ICHI SCALPER Trading Results

The Profit Factor was 2.31, with low drawdowns (13.95%). An initial deposit was $3000. The account was withdrawn once at -$4290. The robot performed 1190 trades. 644 Short trades were closed with a 77.17% win-rate. 546 Long trades were closed with an 83.15% win-rate. An average profitable trade was $618.44. It’s twice more than the average loss is (-259.72). These results are almost impossible to reach on the real accounts. Usually, TP is twice or triple times shorter than SL, so the average loss is much higher, but losses occur not so often, because of the high win-rate. It’s how any EA works.

Pricing & Refund

ICHI SCALPER Pricing & Refund

The offer isn’t available because the developers don’t care about the site and design. It seems the site has been abandoned since 2018.

People’s feedback

ICHI SCALPER People’s feedback
ICHI SCALPER People’s feedback

There is some fake feedback on the site that’s occurred in the 2013-2015 years.

People’s feedback

Google knows only their LinkedIn page, and it doesn’t look professional. 


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