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HodlBot Review: What Do You Need to Know?

HodlBot Review: What Do You Need to Know?

HodlBot is a trading solution that allows us to invest in crypto on autopilot. The presentation includes information about features, exchanges, adn trading settings. The dev claims that we can customize the system to get the best possible performance. In this review, we are going to check all the claims to be sure that the robot is a safe solution to invest in.

HodlBot overview

HodlBot is the system that will help us manage our orders automatically. We are allowed to get a copy of the robot for free for a week. 

HodlBot quick summary

The bot can manage our orders on an automatical basis. There is over $50M trading volume, more than 400K transactions, over 10K of happy traders, and over 20K of custom portfolios.

What does HodlBot offer?

The system includes various information and details explained about how it’s going to be profitable. 

  • The robot can diversify risks of losing the whole account. 
  • There’s HODL indices for users who want to diversify across the market instead of picking individual coins.
  • It’s possible to get our portfolio customized. 
  • It’s easy to do in just picking coins and a strategy we want. 
  • We can create an index that is composed of the top N coins.
  • This allows our portfolio to be rebalanced if the market moves. 
  • We are allowed to customize the portfolio. 
  • The rebalancing frequency and backlist coins that we wouldn’t like to trade can be rebalanced. 
  • The support is provided 24/7. 
  • We should work on the $200 account on Binance or Kraken.
  • HodlBot connects to our account via the API keys 
  • The data gets in reprint according to HMAC SHA-256.
  • The HODL indices are total market indices designed to track the performance of the entire cryptocurrency market. 
  • On Binance, they are available: HODL10 (top 10), HODL20 (top 20), HODL30 (top 30).
  • On Kraken the following starter indices are available: Kraken10 (top 10).
  • The rebalancing period takes 28 days.
  • If we want to change the range, it’s possible to do it manually. 
  • HODL10 uses an exponentially weighted moving average of market capitalization.
  • We can easily backtest the system. 
  • We have a list of rebalancing methods: periodic rebalancing, threshold rebalancing, range rebalancing, volatility-based rebalancing, and active rebalancing.
  • They can vary by several percent. 
  • It’s possible to disable rebalancing. 
  • Threshold is calculated as a % difference. We should use the 10% threshold. 

HodlBot reputation

HodlBot testimonials.

There are some positive testimonials written on Twitter. We don’t know for sure if this feedback was published from real customers. First, it’s several years old. Second, there are no numbers of profits mentioned. 

What crypto exchanges are supported?

The system supports the following exchanges: 

  • Binance
  • Kraken
  • KuCoin
  • Bittrex


The developers provide us with several packages to choose from. A package that costs $3 monthly allows trading on a $500 account. We can pay $6 monthly if we work on an account of $500-$1000. If it’s over $1000, the subscription will cost $14. The owners don’t provide us with a refund policy. 

Security and privacy of HodlBot

The robot works with API keys. So, the system is pretty secure. 

What about the customer support?

The developers provide support via email or Telegram. 

Profitability of HodlBot

It’s not possible to claim something about the system profitability without properly verified trading results. 

Deposits, withdrawals and fees

There are no withdrawal or fees requirements. We have to own an account with $200 on it. 

Advantages of HodlBot

Various packages availble

We can work with various packages that allow us to execute orders on the account with different sizes. 

Disadvantages of HodlBot

No trading results shown 

We don’t know if the system is profitable and if the owners make money with this solution. 

No settings list provided

The presentation doesn’t include details about settings and which ones we are allowed to customize. 

No testimonials written

There are no testimonials published about the system and how people could manage to be profitable with it.


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