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Hippo Trader Pro Review

Hippo Trader Pro

Hippo Trader Pro is an expert advisor that focuses on trading a well-known strategy called trend trading. The presentation looks medium informative. We are suggested to check only demo account trading results. 

How Hippo Trader Pro works

We have some details explained about what we should expect from the system on a demo or real account. 

  • The system runs the charts automatically for us. We may relax and count profits. 
  • The current pricing is discounted, – $299. 
  • The next price is $599. 
  • Most of the trends are traded within Asian and European sessions. 
  • The tests were performed on the 17 years of tick data. 
  • The devs suggest we get a free copy in addition. 
  • It trades EURUSD only. 
  • The main time frame is H1. 
  • The system executes orders taking into account FIFO rules. 
  • “It analyzes the market without using obsolete indicators and patterns, looking for the main trend, entering the market based on volatility (ATR Filter) and some Trend Pattern to predict the likely future trend.”
  • The MT4 version is available. 
  • The default settings are a 0.01 lot for each $1000. 
  • The system isn’t sewed to any broker. 

Applied strategies

  • The main strategy is trend trading. 
  • We are allowed to work on EURUSD on the H1 time frame. 
Hippo Trader Pro backtest report.

The system was tested on the EURUSD on the M1 time frame with risks 10% (so high) on the data between 2003 and 2021. The history quality was 80%. The profit factor was 3.82. The recovery factor was 52.62. The maximum drawdown was 3.88%. There were 8644 deals traded. The accuracy was 77.47% for shorts and 77.47% for longs. 

Hippo Trader Pro trading results

Hippo Trader Pro trading results.

Hippo Trader Pro has been running a demo account on IC Markets. We don’t know what type of demo account it uses. It works automatically with 1:500 leverage on the MT4 platform. The account has a verified track record and verified trading privileges. It was created on June 22, 2021, and deposited at €10,000. Since then, the absolute gain has become 13.78%. An average monthly gain is 5.44%. The maximum drawdown is 26.28%. It has increased three times since our last visit. 

Hippo Trader Pro statistics.

Hippo traded 92 deals with 734.3 pips. An average win is 17.81 pips when an average loss is -18.36 pips. The accuracy rate is 68% for longs and 76% for shorts. An average trade length is 14 hours. The profit factor is 3.70.  

Hippo Trader Pro directions.

Short trading positions (€829) provided almost twice more profits than long ones (€548). 

Hippo Trader Pro hourly statistics.

Most trades are opened before and during the Asian session. 

Hippo Trader Pro daily trading activities.

We are surprised that Friday is traded much more than Thursday. Usually, it goes the opposite. 

Hippo Trader Pro risks.

We can try on low risks in trading. Forty-six orders are required to lose 10% of the balance. 

Hippo Trader Pro closed orders.

The system covers SL and TP levels from the broker. It uses Martingale to recover after losses. 

Hippo Trader Pro open orders

We may see how many orders from a Grid are opened. 

Hippo Trader Pro monthly results.

The system provides short profits monthly. Trading a big Grid of orders, the profitability should be twice higher minimum.

Pricing & refund

Hippo Trader Pro pricing.

We can purchase the system for $299 for a lifetime copy. The rental option for a month can be bought for $199. Three months’ rent costs $269. The pricing looks like a scam. We can use a demo version for checking settings on the terminal and executing some backtests. The offer doesn’t include a money-back guarantee.  

People feedback

Hippo Trader Pro testimonials.

We have some testimonials published about how good this system is. Trading results are so discussable, so there couldn’t be that many positive comments. 

Other notes

Hippo Trader Pro developer’s profile.

Michela Russo has a 38,365 total rate. He’s from Italy. There are 12 products in his portfolio that have a 4.7 rate based on 259 testimonials.


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