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Happy Gold

As the name suggests, Happy Gold mainly trades gold. It is also one of the many FX trading tools being offered by the Happy Forex team. The EA has been revised severally and its current version is v2.0. Some of the new settings resulting from the updates include trailing stop, trading days/hours, setting scalp, breakeven, send email among others. 

How Happy Gold EA works

Happy Gold conducts trades automatically. The vendor states that the robot can be used easily since it is based on a new generation technology that enables traders to simply set up, run and begin making money. It works 24 hours daily from the time the market opens on Monday till its closure on Friday. The EA has the following features:

  • XAUUSD is the main currency pair used
  • No grid
  • No martingale
  • Auto-quotes detection 4 or 5 digits
  • No hedging
  • Support for ECN brokers
  • Compatible with MT4/MT5
  • The minimal recommended deposit is $100
  • Account type: ECN account

Vendor transparency is seriously wanting. Not much is known about Happy Forex since such info has not been made available. This is inconsiderate on the part of the firm. They must be aware that traders and investors in the FX market depend on this intel to gauge the credibility of vendors before making purchasing decisions. This anonymity is a huge turn off for potential investors.

Applied strategies

Happy Gold utilizes scalp/swing/grid news strategy. There is also a modified ZigZag indicator that evaluates the H1/H4 chart’s extreme points and measures the distance between them in order to create opportunities of trading. However, more details about the strategy are not provided. We would have loved to know if the EA applies the above mentioned approaches individually or jointly, and what factors in the market influence the method the EA uses.

Happy Gold’s backtest results.

The account operated for 12 years particularly between January 2005 and April 2017. It worked with the XAUUSD currency pair on the 30 minute time frame. From an initial deposit of $100, the EA made a total net profit of $43,919,777.85. This profit figure is unrealistic. The profit factor was 4.48. The relative drawdown which was 29.66% was high and posed significant risks to the account balance.

The total trades completed were 1676. The win rates were 93.48% and 92.57% for longs and shorts respectively. The average loss trade was -$107818.69 while the average profit trade was $36263.35. The account’s losing streak was disturbingly higher than the wins.  

Happy Gold trading results

The robot’s trading results on myfxbook.

We can see that this is a demo account for Happy Gold v2.0 operating under IC Markets using a leverage of 1:500. So far, a gain of 1085.15% has been obtained. The account was opened with a deposit of $200 which has grown to $1394.71 after the system has made a profit of $1993.93. It is making daily and monthly profits at rates of 0.17% and 5.29% respectively. The drawdown currently stands at 9.33%. 

The system’s trading performance.

The number of total trades made is 780. The win rates for these deals are 64% for longs and 61% for shorts. However, these results are poor and way below than the ones showcased on the backtest report. The profit factor-1.81 is also lower than the value in the statement. The number of lots is quite big and this serves to escalate the account’s risk of making losses. The pips are 15997. The average win is 64.42 pips when the average loss is -55.75 pips. 

Number of trades carried out between Monday and Friday.

Wednesday recorded the most trades (188 deals).

Table highlighting the probabilities of losing the account.

 The system operates with moderate risks to the capital.

Monthly profits made between January 2021 and August 2021.

The monthly profits are inconsistent. So, it is hard to predict future profits. 

The account’s trading history.

We can see here that the system applied different levels of trailing stop losses. However, the take profits were fixed (1000 pips). It used large lot sizes. Short time frames were utilized as well. 

Pricing & refund

You can buy this product by subscribing to the “Happy Forex Full Pack” which features all their 10 EAs. The first plan which is €299 includes 2 licenses. The second package is priced at  €499 and integrates 5 licenses. Both options offer free updates, upgrades, unlimited use, unlimited demo accounts, a complete tutorial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Notably, traders have not been provided with the option of buying this system on its own, and the propositions are definitely not cheap. 

Happy Gold’s pricing plans.

Other notes

We could not find client reviews for this EA on any of the various FX robot review sites like Forex Peace Army, Trustpilot, and Quora. Therefore, we do not know how traders feel about it. 


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