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Happy Gold Review

Happy Gold

Happy Gold is an MT4 trading tool that has been optimized to ensure it works stably and generates profits for the user. It also works with low spreads to minimize losses. The devs recently added new settings to the EA, mainly TP, SL, and a trailing stop, possibly to enhance its trading outcomes. After a detailed system analysis, we have found that the robot generates good profits and manages to keep trading risks at a minimum.  

How Happy Gold works

Find below a list of the EA’s features and requirements:

  • It is 100% automated and easy to set up.
  • The robot trades on the XAUUSD pair only.
  • It does not work with martingale, hedging, or grid strategies.
  • You should use any of the following operating systems: Linux, Windows 7,8,10,11, and Mac OS.
  • The EA supports ECN brokers.
  • It comes with auto-quotes detection 4 or 5 digits.
  • The minimum recommended deposit is $100.
  • It can work on both the MT4 and MT5 trading terminals.

The Happy Forex team is the one that developed this trading tool. It is also responsible for creating a variety of other Forex solutions, such as Happy Frequency, Happy Market Hours, Happy Trend, Happy Way, Happy Fast Money, and Happy MartiGrid, etc. The company is well-known among Forex traders and has earned a good reputation for producing highly effective products. 

Applied strategies

Happy Gold works with multiple strategies, including scalping, gridnews, and swing trading. A modified ZigZag indicator that is said to work best on the XAUUSD currency pair on the M15, M30, H1, or H4 charts, is integrated into the EA. The indicator usually monitors and then links the extreme points of the chart. The distance between these points is equivalent to or higher than the percentage specified for the price scale. A hard stop loss of -24 pips and dynamic take profit levels that are based on market sentiment are utilized in trading as well. 

Backtest data.

The EA was backtested between January 2005 and April 2017 using the XAUUSD currency pair. From an initial deposit of $100, a whopping profit of $43919777.85 was realized. This is after the bot implemented 1676 trades and won 93.02% of them. The profit factor, which was 4.48, indicates that the EA was very profitable. A maximum drawdown of 14.16% was reported. This outcome is favorable as it tells us that the system traded with low risks, hence protecting the capital from losses. 

Happy Gold trading results

Live trading stats on Myfxbook.

Happy Gold has been trading live for 5+ months now. During this period, it has managed to use a deposit of $6617.02 to make a profit of $8079.74 for the owner. Overall, the account’s standing has increased by 139.49%, which is quite remarkable. We also have an incredible monthly profitability rate of 17%. The drawdown (10.41%) is also low, a sign that the EA has been trading safely this far. 

Performance of trades.

To date, the EA has completed a total of 98 trades. And from the average win (83.07 pips) and average loss (-58.56 pips) values, it is apparent that the system wins more than it loses. The high profit factor (3.72) further depicts Happy Gold as a productive tool. The pips won are 4600, whereas the traded lots are 226.24. 

History of trading.

The EA works with short timeframes and has generated good amounts of profits for this account. 

Trading summary.

The short trades brought in the highest amount of profits. 

Weekly trades.

Tuesday and Thursday are the most active periods of the week. 

Pricing & refund

Happy Gold is being sold at €299 or €499. The former plan gives you two licenses that you can use to trade real accounts. The latter one comes with 5 licenses, which you can use to trade live accounts. The other features that you get by buying any of these packages are a user guide, unlimited demo accounts, free updates and upgrades, a 30-day money-back guarantee, free EAs, and unlimited use for the trader. 

Other notes

Happy Forex is generally praised on Trustpilot for producing efficient EAs. Some of the traders say that the products are easy-to-use and profitable. We could not find a single negative review. Clearly, traders are content with the services Happy Forex is offering, including Happy Gold. 

Positive user reviews on Trustpilot.


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