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Chief Legal Officer

The legal department is usually the most mysterious and secretive place in any company. Few people know what they do here, and we get basic information about these departments from films and TV shows. Why lawyers are so secretive, what goes on behind closed doors, and why the law is a sad occupation. Today we are discussing this with TechBerry’s Chief Legal Officer Hans Olav Brenner.

– Good afternoon, Mr Brenner. Tell me, are all these jokes about lawyers true?

– Partially true. Usually, the craziest ones are the truthful ones. Well, seriously, you should treat lawyers condescendingly. This is a very specific job that provokes a robust professional deformation.

– Can you elaborate?

– The fact is that each profession has its specifics, which significantly affect a person and his life. As far as jurisprudence is concerned, the influence has a very peculiar effect here.

One of my teachers once said that jurisprudence is a parasitism of the worst human vices. Moreover, this applies not only to lawyers whose work is connected with crime. Every industry has its flavor. I would rather say that each branch of the law has its own set of sins to deal with.

– What sins does the legal department of TechBerry have to deal with?

– Probably, it is greed and envy. The fact is that TechBerry produces products that are unique. It is natural that market competition is not always subject to gentlemen’s rules. Many of our competitors or third parties are trying to gain access to our technology solutions. We, in turn, are obliged not only to repel possible attacks but also to anticipate potential threats by creating algorithms to overcome them.

– Sounds interesting.

– I’d say it sounds more important than interesting. Unfortunately, our work is not as fun as, for example, the Boston Legal series shows. Often, we work with codes and regulatory frameworks. It’s a lot of reading, studying, filling out forms, and constantly evolving.

You should also not forget that TechBerry is a company that is represented in various markets. The difference in legal norms and bases and the need to unify them also bring a headache. Not to mention that we must understand the legal norms of various states.

– Sounds very intriguing.

– Maybe. Our other tasks may seem less attractive. Although, I admit that professional deformation prevents me from seeing the fun in our work. We communicate with fiscal and administrative authorities, develop internal documents and contracts, and provide competent opinions. Wherever a paragraph of the law is mentioned, you will find a specialist from our department.

– Awesome. This is not only a responsible job but also an interesting one.

– When I was at the “Day of Work” at my son’s school, other children did not think so. They clearly preferred the firefighters.

Nobody can resist the firemen. And what will not stand before you? What are your goals?

– Professionally, I’m already at my goal. The fact is that TechBerry is at the forefront of the modern development of the world. Considering the industry in which we operate, this is a real Terra Incognita for lawyers. It’s hard for me to imagine how much work we have in the future. And for those who write laws and for those who create the practice of their application.

– Do you mean that no laws regulate the work of industries?

– Not really. The fact is that jurisprudence is a very complex, difficult, and conservative industry. Countries that are based on Roman law sometimes use legislative novels that are thousands of years old, which were formulated back in the days of the Roman Empire.

Today we face new challenges. The technological revolution we are currently experiencing puts us in front of new conditions. So it was after the widespread introduction of private law, after the advent of cars, and after the implementation of democratic norms.

– What do you have in mind? Digital technologies?

– Not only. Every year we have more and more valuables that are virtual. And I don’t mean NFTs or cryptocurrencies now. I’m talking about broader concepts, about the ownership of digital solutions and their derivatives in the financial system. Obviously, the legislature monitors these processes and reacts to them. But, the state machine of any country is too slow; this is obvious. Therefore, it is essential to be at the forefront of this development. It is in our power to highlight today’s problems and anticipate future challenges. We can also offer solutions. All this will help us and soon establish the rules of the game, making the market and the legal system even more transparent and loyal to everyone.

– Does this only apply to the financial sector and TechBerry’s area of interest?

– For me, my company and its interests are an absolute priority. I won’t go into academic science if that’s what you mean. I associate all my future with TechBerry. The company’s vision, plans, and how they structure its work are admirable to me. And I know that the challenges that will face us and those that are relevant today will definitely involve all my working potential and professional appetite.

– You mentioned TechBerry’s plans. Can you lift the veil of secrecy and tell us more specifically about this?

– I’m afraid I’m not authorized to do so. I can confidently say that the company is working not only to improve its flagship product, which has earned customer recognition and many specialized awards. The direction of development that management plans inspires me and will be a logical development of today’s successes.


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