Home News Guardforce AI Partners with Concorde Security for New Robotic Security Solution

Guardforce AI Partners with Concorde Security for New Robotic Security Solution


Shares of Guardforce AI have surged by more than a quarter following the announcement of their partnership with Concorde Security to introduce a groundbreaking robotic security solution in Singapore.

Rise in Stock Price

In early trading, Guardforce AI’s stock price has already increased by 30% and currently stands at $5.32. It is worth noting that the stock has experienced a 54% decline over the past year.

Powerful Collaboration

Concorde Security, a Singapore-based security provider specializing in various sectors such as office buildings, residences, schools, industrial logistic parks, and hotels, will join forces with Guardforce AI for this innovative venture.

Unveiling the New Solution

Guardforce AI’s concierge robot will be enhanced with an access control module used for visitor management systems. Additionally, their disinfection robot will undergo retrofitting and integration with Concorde’s cutting-edge software security system, enabling it to perform automated patrol surveillance.

Targeting Convenience and Efficiency

The aim of this collaboration is to provide automation that is convenient and efficient, catering specifically to the needs of the hotel industry and other relevant sectors.

The Road Ahead

Lei Wang, Chief Executive Officer of Guardforce AI, shared that the prototype is currently undergoing rigorous testing. They are targeting a launch for the fourth quarter.


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