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Grey Wolf Review

Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf trading robot works with $100 in capital and tries to convince customers by stating that it can provide more than 25% gain each month. Without any live or backtesting records, the developers are keen on selling the algorithm. We will cover all the important points of the robot and see if it is profitable for our trading.

How Grey Wolf works

The EA requires the following steps to work properly:

  1. Purchase it from the MQL 5 marketplace
  2. Download the product on your MT4/5 platform
  3. Head over to the market section and find the product
  4. Refresh the experts’ tab, and the robot will show up
  5. Press on the auto trading button
  6. Place the EA on the charts to start trading

Vendor transparency

Alexander Oropesa Marrero is the author of the product who resides in Cuba. No one has reviewed his services which shows the lack of interest by traders in the developer. He has 22 products published on the MQL 5 marketplace and has zero subscribers for his services. Alexander has no trading experience, according to the website. Lack of experience shows that the programmer is not good enough for producing systems that may be profitable. 


The EA has the following features:

  • The minimum balance requirement is $100.
  • It provides gains of 25% each month.
  • The tests have been done for USDCAD and AUDUSD.
  • The drawdown of the system is maintained.

Applied strategies

The developer states that the robot trades on USDCAD and USD on the 5 minute time frame. Traders can use the system with an account balance of $50. The minimum recommended amount is $100. There is no further information available on the subject, and their programmer is not willing to share any with us. This is quite a poor practice which raises many concerns about the product. It is difficult to believe that the EA will work on a live account without any good knowledge.

The developer does not provide us with backtesting records. This, again, is not a good practice. Without any historical testing, we can not see if the product will work in the future on a live account. There is only an image available that shows a steady upward curve with constant drawdowns.

The backtesting records.

Grey Wolf trading results

The developer does not provide any verified trading records to us. This lack of transparency leads us to believe that the robot is not profitable on a live account.

Pricing & refund

The robot can be purchased for $95, and there is no money-back guarantee. Traders can also rent it for one month at $30. Once the product is paid for, the robot can be downloaded and installed on the MT4 or MT5 platform.

The pricing of the EA.

Other notes

There is only one review available at the MQL 5 community page where the provider does not leave any rating. The developer still replies with a thank you and appreciates the comment, which is quite strange. Lack of feedback from traders states that no one has tried out the robot that is also evident from the fact the developer has no rating and zero subscribers on the MQL 5 marketplace. 

Customer review at MQL 5.


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