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Gold Eagle Review

Gold Eagle
Gold Eagle Characteristics

Gold Eagle is a trading advisor that was released on September 26, 2020, by a quite known developer among the MQL 5 released community – Evgenii Aksenov. The last version of the system is 3.5 from April 6, 2021. It was purchased five times and downloaded for demo purposes 2098 times. 

How Gold Eagle Robot Works

There’s not so much information provided about the system:

  • Gold Eagle works fully automatically on the terminal. 
  • There are two versions of the system provided. So, you can run the robot either on the MT4 or MT5 platform.
  • We’ve got a promo price of $275. 
  • The final price will be $799. 
  • There’s a user manual provided. 
  • There are DD Reduce Functions settings. 
  • We have a recommended set file provided. 
  • We can trade aggressively or conservatively. 
  • It uses HTF and Candle filter parameters in the settings. 
  • The advisor’s goal is to bring any order to profits. 
  • We may ask for broker advice. 
  • We should use the system on VPS. 
  • We have to use it only on Hedge accounts. 
Gold Eagle. There’s a list of settings revealed
Gold Eagle. There’s a list of settings revealed
  • There’s a list of settings revealed. We know that we can open trades manually in the BUY and SELL directions. We can choose to trade only in one direction or pause trading at all. If “support manual deals” are set “true,” the system will set Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Trailing levels for opened manual orders. The system can decrease drawdowns, closing some orders at the same time mixing profitable with not profitable orders to close all of them with a profit.

Applied Strategies

  • It works with Gold only. 
  • The system uses Trendline Pro (a well-known indicator) and a Grid strategy. 
  • It can be used on the M1-H1 time frames. 

Gold Eagle Trading Results

Gold Eagle Trading Results

We have the advisor attached to a real $1000 account on RoboForex. The leverage is 1:500. These signals are available for $30 monthly. The reliability is impossibly low. It has been working for six weeks only. The growth is 40.63%. There are two subscribers that copy these orders on $2,900 balance in total.

Gold Eagle Trading Results

There were 26 active trading days (61.90%). An average trade frequency is 41 deals weekly. Two traders subscribe to the signals. 

Gold Eagle Trading Results

The profitability varies so much from month to month. 

Gold Eagle Trading Results

The robot uses a Grid with Martingale combo. 

Gold Eagle Trading Results

It traded 149 deals. The accuracy rate is 78.52%. The best trade is $51.25 when the worst trade is -$22.56. An average trade length is 10 hours. The Recovery Factor is 9.24. The profit factor is 2.73. An average win is $5.48 when an average loss is -$7.35. 

Gold Eagle drawdown

The robot can experience deep drawdowns. 

Gold Eagle distribution

The BUY direction is preferable for the system to trade. 

Pricing & Refund

Gold Eagle Pricing

The robot costs $275 for a lifetime license. The rental options aren’t available. We can only subscribe to signals. It’s weird because the rental options attract people. The demo download is available for checking the robot settings and executing backtests. 

People Feedback

Gold Eagle People Feedback
Gold Eagle People Feedback
Gold Eagle People Feedback
Gold Eagle People Feedback

There are some positive comments. The single negative comment says that the system trades with low frequency and is not always profitable. 

Other Notes

Gold Eagle. The developer has a 127667 rate.

The developer has a 127667 rate. His products have a 4.8 rate based on 1278 reviews.


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