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FXSecret Immortal Review

FXSecret Immortal

An experienced trader in Forex will be aware that there is no particular strategy that can single handedly bring in profits. Given the changing market conditions, the use of a combination of different approaches can help. FXSecret Immortal is an ATS that uses three approaches in a single system to benefit from the varied approaches. This FX robot claims to provide high profitability and good control of drawdown.

How FXSecret Immortal Robot Works

FXSecret Immortal - offer

This FX Robot is developed by a team of professional traders. The collective experience in the financial sphere has led the team to create a big portfolio of the best FX EAs. The company was founded in 2012 but the official site info reveals that the FX robots by the team have been developed since 2009. We could not find details on the team members or their location. The customer support option includes just an online contact form. The absence of proper customer support features and lack of transparency concerning the developers and their contact info indicates that this is not a reliable company to invest in. 

Features of this EA include:

  • A combination of three systems in a balanced way ensuring reliable profits from a single account
  • Ability to choose EA settings and opt for use of one or all the strategies as per the user requirement
  • Automated selection of lot sizes and SL values depending on the risk level fixed by the EA settings

Applied Strategies

FXSecret Immortal statistics

While there is no precise explanation of the strategies this FX robot uses, the company mentions testing its algorithms and logic until a perfect combination was achieved. The FX Robot has been tested from 2018 by using the combination approaches with each of the strategies having been proven for its best results.  

As per the company info, the combination has led to the EA increasing its profits without downturn periods. This FX EA is built in such a way that the system cannot experience continuous unprofitable periods.  

Although the vendor provides real account results to explain the development of the strategy, we would prefer a strategy tester report. Despite the backtests being based on historical data, traders find them a useful tool to know about the strategy. The lack of strategy tester reports makes us doubt the reliability of this FX EA.

FXSecret Immortal Trading Results

A live real USD Cent account using the Forex4you broker and the MT4 platform is presented by the company. Here are screenshots of the trading stats and history:

FXSecret Immortal Myfxbook
FXSecret Immortal trading results

With a verified track record and trading privileges, the stats of this account reveal a total profit of 10099.85% and an absolute gain of 3002.79%. The huge difference in the two values indicated a high-risk approach. A daily profit of 0.16% and a monthly gain of 4.85% are present for the account with a drawdown of 65.84%. 

For the account started in May 2013 up until now, a total of 2855 trades have been completed with a profitability of 56%. The profit factor value is 1.14. From the trading history, we can see that the lot sizes vary considerably ranging from 0.13 up to 0.26 or more. The low profit factor and profitability percentage, varying lot size, and high drawdown indicate a high-risk approach.

Pricing & Refund

FXSecret Immortal Pricing

To make use of the features of this FX robot, you need to shell out $549 for which you will be provided with a single license, easy installation settings, MT4 and MT5 versions, the capability to change your account as many times as you want, and lifetime support 24/7. The company does not offer a refund policy. The absence of a money-back guarantee makes this FX robot highly unreliable. Furthermore, the price is exorbitant when compared to the prevailing rates of competitor FX robots. 

Customer Reviews

We found a feedback for the FXSecret company on the Forexpeacearmy site. This review dated three years ago does not speak highly of the EAs developed by this company. Here is a screenshot of the feedback:

FXSecret Immortal Customer Reviews

From the above response, we can see that the EAs of this company suffered losses and the profits made were negligible. The user does not recommend the EAs. 

Overall rating
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