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FXPro Dragon Review

FXPro Dragon

FXPro Dragon has a presentation that looks like a weird joke. It’s designed horribly. Nothing is in its place. The site template doesn’t fit common expectations when you want to pick a robot. The developers claim that it’s “ONE of the best Forex robots for Metatrader 4 is going to help you with that!” Let’s see how far it’s from true. 

How FXPro Dragon Works

The presentation is short on useful information. We have these icons with some details we want to discuss:

FXPro Dragon Features
  • The system is a fully automatic trading advisor. It requires us to make no actions. 
  • It can perform deals with other expert advisors on the terminal at the same time without conflicting with them. 
  • It consistently looks for great trading opportunities on the market. 
  • It works with low drawdowns. 
  • The system is featured by money-management functionality.
  • We are free to use it on any currency pair. 
  • The system trades emotionlessly, which is a significant advantage. 
  • It opens trades only when the market conditions fit the proper numbers. 
  • The setup process takes just several minutes. 
  • The advisor can open trades on four digits brokers. There’s nothing written about five digits ones. 
  • The support is 24/7, and they are ready to answer all our questions. 
  • The robot works with USDCAD. 
  • It can work well only on the H4 time frame. 
  • There are some trading statistics. 

Applied Strategies

  • The vendor said nothing about the strategies behind the system. 
  • The robot opens orders USDCAD on the H4 time frame. 
FXPro Dragon Backtest

The vendor published a USDCAD report on the H4 time frame. The modeling quality was 90.00%. The spreads were 20 pips. An initial deposit was $2,450 (why not $100 or $1000?). The total net profit has amounted to $1,178,579. The profit factor has become 101.41. The maximum drawdown was 15.10% ($150,299). It has traded 541 deals.  The accuracy rate was 92.41% for Shorts and 97.50% for Longs. 

FXPro Dragon Trading Results

FXPro Dragon Trading Results

We have a robot that has been working on a real USD account. The account was created on March 23, 2021. Floating Loss is -$2,953. The free margin is $4,818 (1,063%). 

FXPro Dragon Trading Results

The total return has become 61.8% after 86 days of running. An average monthly return is 37.4%. The win rate is 92.5%. The profit factor is 43.69. It has traded 969.3 pips gained. An average trade frequency is only several deals weekly.

FXPro Dragon Trading Results

The risk to reward ratio is 4.50. The worst day is -$66.72. The risk of ruin is 0.0%. An average trade length is over twenty-six hours. An average result is $81.78. An average win is $90.48 when an average loss is -$25.54. It’s a solid distance between the average profit and loss. 

FXPro Dragon Trading Results

There were only 40 deals traded when 90% of them were closed on the Sell direction. It’s weird. 

FXPro Dragon Trading Results

There’s a single strategy pack behind the system. 

FXPro Dragon Trading Results

Monday is the day that is skipped by the system. The devs didn’t explain this. 

FXPro Dragon Trading Results

It works during three sessions: Asian, European, and American. 

FXPro Dragon Trading Results

The first significant losses occurred in June 2021. 

FXPro Dragon Trading Results

The robot didn’t open deals for a long time, most likely because there are orders that are sitting in drawdowns. 

Pricing & Refund

FXPro Dragon Pricing

There are two packages presented. The Standard pack can be bought for  $129. It’s featured by one real and one demo account license. The pack includes lifetime access, 24/5 support, and free updates. The Premium package costs a bit more – $169. It includes three real and demo licenses. There’s no information about a money-back guarantee. 

People Feedback

FXPro Dragon People Feedback

FXProDragon owns a page on Forex Peace Army. There are no comments published. As a result, there’s no rate as well. From the email, we may note that the vendor doesn’t use professional email. 

Other Notes

The developers didn’t disclose themself, so we can read about them. It’s risky to pay money for a trading solution that works for several months, sits in huge drawdowns, has no refund policy, and no information about the developers provided. 


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