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FXLeaders Review


FXLeaders looks good to go, right?

Forex Leaders have got a beautiful site with a lot of useful information like news, reports, and much more.

FXLeaders presentation

The main page includes hot topics that can matter for us.

FXLeaders trading partner

They promote AvaTrade as a partner brokerage company.

FXLeaders presentation

If we click on any news we can see a related article and previous/forecast/actual parameters.

FXLeaders related pairs

After that, we can see related pairs and short descriptions.

about CPI

We can see, a description of the index and people’s comments.

FXLeaders events

The last is the connected events in the past.

FXLeaders comments author

All written articles 

top brokers

Some pages connected with the top broker list that unites the best ones according to an FXLeaders opinion.

FXLeaders news

Site functionality allows us to separate a news flow according to what’s important for us.

FXLeaders Crypto-related topics

There’s a huge block about Crypto-related topics, news, and articles (guides, strategies, and so on).

FXLeaders news

There’s very cozy placed upcoming news with a short description.

FXLeaders educational programs

Learn Forex is the most common service of Forex-related educational programs like courses, webinars, etc.

FXLeaders educational programs

Live signals and services

FXLeaders Live signals

It’s a live signals page. 

FXLeaders Live signals

There’s nothing hard, just click on the symbol and you can check all details.

FXLeaders Live signals

The company provides not only signals for Forex but also for trading Commodities, Indices, and Crypto.

FXLeaders Live signals
FXLeaders Live signals

For free we can see advice only about Forex.

FXLeaders Live signals

It’s how a common signal block looks like. So, we can see SELL or BUY, SL, TP, and Entry Price for Premium users. There’s also the live chart and list of news that triggered the signal. Everything’s simple and sound.

Clicking on “Full Analysis Feed” we’ll see the next:

FXLeaders technical analysis

It’s a signal power. 

FXLeaders technical analysis

The signal is strong Hourly.

FXLeaders technical analysis

At the end of the day, it’ll turn in BUY one.

FXLeaders Live signals
FXLeaders Live signals

The next we see are reasons for the SELL signal. It looks so professional. Everything is explained well.

What can we buy?

FXLeaders Signal Reports.

We’re allowed to pay for a Premium membership, so, we can get full access to Signal Reports.

FXLeaders pricing

Here’s the offer. The subscription is very cheap and costs $10/month that billed annually.

FXLeaders pricing

Monthly one will be probably ok for traders who just want to check how the service works.

What’ll we get? We’ll receive all kinds of notifications: email and phone ones, unlock entry price intel, access to reports, and an upcoming feature about Economic Events.

FXLeader promotion

There’s a partner feature that allows us to get a 1-year premium for free. In order to get this, we have to do the next:

  • Open a Real Account at AvaTrade and fund it with at least $250.
  • Fill in the free premium request, or send an email.
  • That’s all. Our account will be upgraded to premium in no time.
FXLeaders Premium Accounts
  • People who own Premium Accounts open more trades because of no signals wasted.
  • They get instant sound alerts and email notifications whenever a new signal is opened, closed, or updated, allowing them to react faster by opening and closing trades at the best possible time.

People thoughts

People thoughts

There are some testimonials about service and experience in using signals to trade.

Social network profiles

FXLeaders Social network profiles

The company has got a young enough profile on Twitter that has been deployed in June 2018. There are just 940 Followers that’s not so much comparing to the quality of services they provide. 

FXLeaders Social network profiles

The average post of them looks like this one.

FXLeaders Social network profiles

There are some posts with a free analysis.

Summing up


  • Well-designed site
  • A lot of functional features
  • Info about events with analysis
  • A lot of trading-related articles and reviews
  • Brokers chart based on their own rating
  • Signals well-analyzed
  • Good price
  • Partner broker features


  • Subscription paid annually
  • High monthly payment
  • Lack of people feedback
  • Nothing told about support
Overall rating
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