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FXDC Hedger EA is an expert advisor that was released by a Forex Deal Club company. The presentation doesn’t look trustworthy because it lacks much minimum-required information. The main claim is “Put Your Money To Work On Autopilot.” 


We have tried to group everything we know about the company and the robot in the upcoming list. Alas, many questions remained unanswered.

  • The robot works automatically for us.
  • There’s artificial intelligence that works for you 24/7. It sounds like manipulation.
  • We can spend less time trading using this robot.
  • It’s a combination of simple settings and powerful trading techniques.
  • The system protects the account from high drawdowns.
  • The robot can make 10% daily or even higher.
  • The minimum balance requirements are $100.
  • The optimal balance requirements are $1000.
  • The leverage should be 1:400 or above.
  • We can use it on any broker.
  • We are not allowed to trade manually.
  • The system won’t work if there’s another robot set.
  • We should have no open trades before going to install the EA.

Applied Strategies

  • The strategy is based on Price Movement and Resistance levels. 
  • The support strategy is Hedge.
  • It works on the H1 time frame.
  • The only currency pair to trade is EUR/JPY.

FXDC HEDGER EA Trading Results

FXDC HEDGER EA Trading Results

We have three unclickable backtests with a 99.90% quality which we can prove. The starting balance of $100 has become $15,896 of the total net profit for 16 months.

We’ve also conducted an additional research and found the backtesting report on the myfxbook site.

FXDC HEDGER EA Trading Results

The test started on January 8, 2019 and ended on September 4, 2020. It traded under IC Markets brokerage. The modeling type was Every Tick and the modeling quality was 99, 9%. With a deposit of $100, the robot generated over $17K of profit. The daily gain was 0,86% that is far from the promised 10% by the vendor. The drawdown was high – 82, 43%. The profit factor was 2.29. 

FXDC HEDGER EA Trading Results
FXDC HEDGER EA Trading Results

Hedger EA has no trading results connected to it. It’s a huge disadvantage because without them we are unable to assess the performance of the system. Without live trading results we cannot analyze how the system performs in the different market conditions. It is impossible to find out whether the robot is capable of providing the results that the developer claims.

Pricing & Refund


The EA can be bought for $499. The package is featured by unlimited account licenses (real or demo?), 24/7 customer support, free updates. We couldn’t find any sign of a money-back guarantee. 

People feedback

FXDC HEDGER EA People feedback

FX Deals Club has a profile on Forex Peace Army with a 4.3 rate. There are three reviews written. All accounts were stopped before they have become scams.

FXDC HEDGER EA People feedback

There are positive reviews that mean nothing. The robot has no reviews about its performance. Anyone who is going to purchase it would like to see how people manage it on the real account and what trading results they obtained.

Other notes

FXDC HEDGER EA. It’s funny to read the company that had a Margin Call of all its deals writes NO Margin Call probability.

It’s funny to read the company that had a Margin Call of all its deals writes NO Margin Call probability.

Overall rating
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