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FXCharger Forex Robot Review

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Automated trading robots or Expert Advisors (EAs) have become highly popular among active forex traders, facilitating trade and helping them earn profits. To pick the best robot and not fall prey to a scam, it is essential to review the robots before investing in them.

The FX Charger robot has been quite popular for some time now. Today, this robot will be under review here.

The FX Charger vendor website looks quite attractive and interesting, with animations and an interactive interface that is sure to grab the visitor’s attention. The single-page website does not list any information about the developer of the robot. The vendor provides a contact page but no contact details to directly mail or call for support has been provided. Though these are not uncommon practices, the lack of transparency fails to make the robot look like a reliable one.

FXCharger Features

Symbolized as a battery, the FXCharger claims to charge your account endlessly with profits. The developer presents a unique forex robot that has been designed specifically for daily trading, working on an intellectual stop-loss and take-profit setting. The vendors offer two versions of the robot:

  • FXCharger Basic – The regular version priced at $385 trades only on the EUR/USD pair.
  • FXCharger Max – Priced at $495, this advanced version can trade in three pairs including EUR/USD, EUR/GBP and AUD/USD.

Both the versions are sold on a one-time payment basis. The flexibility to pay in installments, as and when the traders earn profits with the help of the robot is not available. An upfront hefty investment could be a cause of worry for many novice traders. The vendor does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on both the products.

How FXCharger Works

The FXCharger robot is compatible with the most popular MetaTrader4 platform. The robot can be used with any MT4 broker as per the trader’s wishes. While the basic robot trades in the EUR/USD pair only, the Max version can trade in the EUR/USD, EUR/GBP and the AUD/USD pairs. The sales platform of the robot does not provide any information about the timeframes and does not offer any deposit and trading recommendations. Traders could feel like being led into the dark without adequate guidance from the vendor.

how fxcharger works

The developer claims that the EA adjusts to the situations of the market to generate unique take profit and stop-loss for each trade. All trades conducted by the robot are closed anytime between 1-4 days. However, what serves as a major downfall for the robot is that the vendor does not provide any insight into the trading strategy used by the robot or the stop-loss and take-profit calculating technology used by the robot. This hesitation to share details about the working of the robot is a cause of suspicion on the performance of the robot.

Live Trading and Backtesting Results

The vendor has been generous in providing verified Myfxbook trading results for all currency pairs of both the forex robots. At first glance, the traders will be impressed by the jaw-dropping results. For instance, the EUR/USD account shows a gain of more than 1100% over the testing period. However, we found that the open trades were kept hidden by the developer. Being non-transparent and hiding trading information shows that the developer is somewhat unsure about the performance of the robot.

fxcharger basic
fxcharger max

What else you should know about FXCharger

Strangely, the vendor does not list even a single client testimonial on the robot’s sales page. With some scrutiny and research, we were able to find some testimonials about the product on other sources, finding negative reviews to be greater in number. It is also known that the developer owned several EA selling websites and that the money-back guarantee is not exercised properly. This means that once you buy the robot, there is no hope of getting your money-back.

fxcharger customers testimonials
Usable with any forex brokerTrading strategy undisclosed
Verified and credible Myfxbook accountAbsence of developer information
Verified trading results availableLack of transparency due to hidden open trades

Negative customer testimonials

Basic version trades only single currency pair
Overall rating
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  1. I deposited $1,000 a couple years ago and set the EA to trade EURUSD. I’m now at 127.6% profit on this account. On another account I set the EA to trade on AUDUSD about one year ago with a $850 deposit. That account is now at 35.5% profit. These were all done with the EA’s default setting. Seems to be a solid trade signal.

  2. I’ve had a terrible experience trading with FXCharger. After the purchase, the customer support was poor. I had a few problems with them. Also, the EA itself provided a lackluster performance. Basically, continually lost money with the default settings. I definitely regret spending the money on this one.

  3. The FXCharger Robot started out pretty good for me a couple years ago but now it doesn’t seem to work so well anymore. Maybe it’s time for them to do an upgrade.

  4. I’m pretty happy with the results so far. I’ve been using the bot for about a year now. I’m getting around 3 to 7 percent. Good enough for me!

  5. Started using FXCharger five months ago. Started with trading EUR/AUD. It started out good but it is not profitable anymore. I’ve only used in demo mode but I may not even bother with a real live money account.


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