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FX Vortex Indicator Review

FX Vortex Indicator

Good day, the community! We’d like to share with you another fully-automated robot review. This time it’ll be FX Vortex Indicator. Let’s take a look at the presentation.

Having reached the site we were immediately offered by the free copy of the robot.

FX Vortex Indicator bonus

The robot uses the most revolutionary signals generator that allows providing fast and accurate signals. The system has enhanced by some analytic technics to show buy/sell signals in the easy to use form.

FX Vortex Indicator results

We completely don’t know where this rate came from. Let’s treat this like fake marketing stuff without any proof.

The devs bolded the key advantages of the forex robot: Simple in using, Money management called (Save your Time), User Manual, reducing trading stress to a minimum, 24/7 support, and very easy to install the system.

FX Vortex Indicator

This statement is kinda funny because the fully-automated robot runs on VPS, so no needs are to wake up in the morning.

FX Vortex Indicator performing explanations

The robot’s trades opening technique will show you razor-sharp signals, as well as, provide a trader by well-designed stop-loss and take-profit features. FX Vortex can send notifications when new signals come in via a cellphone or PC.

FX Vortex Indicator chart

The devs provide some trade examples in the gallery with Stop-Loss and Take-Profit levels settings. 

FX Vortex Indicator chart

The devs provide no backtests and no official data from fxblue and myfxbook platform. We can’t even be sure about its existence. 

Investors feedback

We couldn’t find any comments or feedback about how FX Vortex Indicator works and what kind of results people reach with it. MQL5, Trustpilot and other “people share feedback and thoughts sites” have no page about this product. The average rate of the robot across the other reviews is between 4 and 6 by the 10-degree scale.

Vortex FX product offer

FX Vortex Indicator offer

The robot costs $30 with $110 OFF. This package includes a license(?) or not. We don’t sure. As well, the robot isn’t sold by any official sites like MQL5, etc.

FX Vortex Indicator Summary


  • We couldn’t find any negative feedback


  • Completely the “cat in the bag” robot
  • The cheapest offer across the web
  • No backtests were provided
  • No trade results were provided
  • No comments or feedback were shared
  • The robot is sold not through the official selling robot platforms.
  • There were any proves provided “how to make 50-120 pips every day”


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