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FX Oxygen Review

FX Oxygen

FX Oxygen is a Forex EA that promises a stable monthly profit of up to 20% while operating on a 24/7 basis. It is a fully automated system that shows decent performance with a live trading account. The vendor claims that it is based on a decade’s worth of backtesting data and that it has shown excellent results during this time period.

FX Oxygen presentation

How FX Oxygen EA Works

On FX Oxygen’s official website, we have been provided with a professional presentation of the basic features, the purpose of the software, and the pricing details. Both live trading results and backtesting data have been furnished, and a contact form is present where you can drop a message to the team.

There is no information available on the website about the vendor, so we don’t know anything about the company’s background and year of foundation. It is unknown who the developers behind this system are and thus we can say that vendor transparency is not maintained by this Forex EA.

With FX Oxygen, you get access to free lifetime updates and a detailed user manual containing setup instructions and best recommendations. Customer support is provided 24*7. As per vendor claims, the EA has been tested by the service team in the live market before it was made available for the clients.

Applied Strategies

We don’t have any information on the official website related to the trading strategy used by FX Oxygen. The vendor has not cared to reveal even the slightest details about the strategy, so we don’t know what indicators it uses, how it identifies the entry and exit points for profitable trades, etc. By analyzing the trading strategy of a Forex EA, it is possible to determine its profitability to a certain extent, so this comes as a disappointment for sure.

FX Oxygen Backtests

From the backtesting data provided for the EUR/USD pair, we can see a profit of $147668.38 was made from an initial deposit of $10,000. This test was conducted from 2006 to 2015 with a modeling quality of 90%, and during this time 1425 trades were placed through this robot. It won 51.23% of the trades, which is in line with the live trading results.

The robot’s win rate of long positions was  51.31% and 48.77% of short positions. It had a relative drawdown of 30%, which is a bit high, but other than that, it looks like a profitable and reliable system.

FX Oxygen Trading Results

FX Oxygen Myfxbook

Here we have the live trading result for an FX Oxygen account that’s independently verified by Myfxbook. It has been live from 11th December 2018 but has only placed 385 trades to date. Out of these, 196 have been won, which means this Forex EA has a win rate of 51%. By taking a quick look at the trading history, we can see that the system has not suffered huge losses, although there are consecutive small losses to be seen.

Currently, the net profit made by the system is $10985.36, while the time-weighted return and absolute gain are both 43.94%. The account has an extremely low drawdown of 8.96%, and daily and monthly gains of 0.04% and 1.33%, respectively. It has a profit factor of 1.32, which is quite decent, compared to other Forex EAs on the market. Overall, we can say that FX Oxygen is capable of delivering real profits on a consistent basis.

Pricing and Refund

FX Oxygen is priced at $210, which is quite a reasonable amount to pay for a profitable Forex EA. Moreover, the vendor provides a 30 days money-back guarantee with this product, so you can always ask for a refund if it doesn’t perform as per your expectations.

Customer Reviews

After consulting several reputable websites, we couldn’t find a single user review for FX Oxygen. It tells us that this Forex EA doesn’t have much of a reputation yet. Most Forex traders consult customer reviews before investing in a system, and they might be disappointed that this system does not have any feedback from real users that reveals details about its trustworthiness.


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