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FX-Neuro Bot Review

FX-Neuro Bot Robot

FX-Neuro Bot is quite a new robot. People send emails asking to write a review about how good it is. We’re here to help. The presentation includes some info to analyze and share. Here we go.

The one statement looks funny: “In Forex, if you gamble like in a casino, you will definitely loose. However, if you have the best Forex software like the “FX-Neuro Bot”, you can win, but only if you play well and don’t outright “gamble”, but observe the market all the time.” So, a question is how we, if we want, can gamble using FX-Neuro bot? Guys. We need a robot to trade. What “gamble” you’re talking about? And after that, the devs write: “Our software runs automatically on your computer without any input required from you.” So, if the robot runs automatically how can the user interact with the robot “to gamble”? They probably haven’t read they’d written, because it’s nonsense. 

The next. we see 4 statements: we can trade with low risk on low reward strategy, without funding and account for a lot of money, fully-automated trading, and without prior trading experience. 

How FX-Neuro Bot Works

The trading logic is based on “price swings between Support/Resistances + Indicator analysis.”

FX-Neuro Bot Robot Strategy testing report

The forex robot has been tested on the AUD/USD currency pair, on a 30M time frame. The start deposit has been $95, total net profit was $12854. The relative drawdown has been 26.36%. The short position win rate was 100%, longs 95.6%. 

FX-Neuro Bot trading results

FX-Neuro Bot Robot fxblue

We’ve got EUR real account that has been funded on 2037 EUR. During half a year, it grew to 9636 EUR. 

FX-Neuro Bot Robot fxblue

The total return during 222 days equaled +410%. The monthly return is +22.6%. The win rate is very high too and equals almost 90%. The profit factor is high (15.57). 

FX-Neuro Bot Robot fxblue

The average win in EUR is higher in almost 2 tines than lose. It can mean that the robot runs SL and TP features very well. The average trade length is 18 days. The account runs with extra high risks: 58%.

FX-Neuro Bot Robot fxblue

During the period, there have been traded just 19 trades. Where 17 of them have been closed with the profit. The profit equals 8121 EUR and the loss equals 521 EUR. 

FX-Neuro Bot Robot fxblue

As we can see from the direction sheet, both ways are profitable equally. 

FX-Neuro Bot Robot fxblue

The amount of performed trade vary so much depend on months. Half of the profits has been brought by trade started at midnight. 

Pricing & Refund

FX-Neuro Bot Robot pricing

We’re offered by two packages. The first one called “Basic” costs $110 for the lifetime license. We’ll receive a real account, demo one, fully-automated trading, and free updates plus support. In the “Premium” package for $150, there are 3 real accounts, three demo ones.

Is FX-Neuro Bot worth trying?


  • There are results from the real account
  • Good profitability
  • High win-rate
  • The backtest is provided
  • Low price


  • Lack of strategies and patterns explanation
  • Lack of user guide
  • The account lives just for half a year
  • Only one currency pair
  • Trading with extremely high risks
  • Little trades were traded during the period
  • Only three years of backtesting
  • No money-back guarantee


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