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FX Lucky Pro Review

FX Lucky Pro

FX Luck Pro was introduced on the site that was made for several hours or so. We can’t treat it as a real and professional presentation. It lacks much useful and minimum-required information to make a smart decision about purchasing the robot.

FX Lucky Pro presentation

How FX Lucky Pro Works

The developers shared a bit intel about features, settings, and advice:

  • FX Lucky Pro works fully-automatically for us. 
  • It’s designed to close trades in profits if it’s possible.
  • The system runs “several trading patterns simultaneously.”
  • It increases profitability in long-term trading.
FX Lucky Pro team
  • We don’t know anything about the team behind this software. But most likely, they are from Russia because the real account has a RUR account currency.
  • The expert advisor is supported by only 24/5 support.
  • We can rely on free updates and upgrades.
  • The system is based on the best strategies. The developers didn’t explain why they mean.
  • All trades are featured by Stop Loss levels to prevent market sharp moves.
  • The robot runs with over 90% of the win-rate according to developers’ claims and trading results.
  • The expert advisor uses MT4 indicators: RSI, Moving Average to find trading opportunities.
  • The money-management calculates Lot Sizes based on the balance and our preferable risks.
  • There’s protection from high spreads and slippage.
  • The robot was backtested on long-term historical data.
  • The account balance should be $200 for trading with a 0.01 Lot Size.

Applied Strategies

  • The robot trades using mid-term scalping.
  • It works only on the AUD/USD cross pair.
  • The robot works on the H1 time frame.
FX Lucky Pro backtest

It’s an AUD/USD backtest on the H1 time frame. There were 32032 bars in the test. The modeling quality was 90.00%/ The spread was 20 pips. The initial deposit was $300. The total net profit has become $124.7k. The Profit Factor was – 43.80. It’s an outstanding number. The maximum drawdown was low – 12.42%. There were 434 deals with 93% of the win-rate traded.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

The robot works on the real RUR (Rusian Ruble) account. It was created on September 30, 2020, and funded at 2000 RUR. The margin level is highly enough – 6,849%

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

The robot works, as was mentioned, with AUD/USD. The total net return is 271%. An average monthly gain is +47.6%. The maximum drawdown is -0.3%. The win-rate is sky-high – 92.7%. The Profit Factor is 51.28. It’s higher than on the backtest. The average trade frequency is two deals weekly. The account is live for 139 days.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

The Risk to the Reward Ratio is 4.14. The average trade length is over two days. An average win is +158.60 RUR when an average loss is only -39.17 RUR.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

The robot prefers trading the BUY direction (37 deals). It has only three deals lost among 41 traded.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

There’s a single strategy on the board – #878981.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

Tuesday is the less traded day (4 deals) and the less profitable 333.93 RUB.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

The robot trades during the European trading session and a bit at the opening of the American session.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

As we can see, the results went worst compared with December 2020 ones.

FX Lucky Pro Trading Results

The robot traded only two deals during the last two weeks.

Pricing & Refund

FX Lucky Pro Pricing
FX Lucky Pro Pricing

The EA was introduced in two packages: Basic and Standard. The Basic pack costs $107 for a lifetime license. We’re allowed to trade on one real and one demo account. The Standard pack costs $127. This license is lifelong too. We’ll have two real and two demo account licenses. There are free upgrades and updates if needed. The vendor didn’t provide a money-back guarantee at all. There’s nothing special because it’s a product from Russia.

People feedback

FX Lucky Pro People feedback

The company has a profile on Forex Peace Army. There’s no profile on Trustpilot. So, it’s everything we’ve got.


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