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FX Fortnite EA Review

FX Fortnite EA

Created to make trading easier in Forex, FX Fortnite EA assures great profits with the automatic trading system it uses. According to the developer, the special algorithm used in the system helps analyze market conditions and spot convergences and divergences easily. Are the profits assured possible with this newly launched Forex robot? We have provided a detailed review and our recommendations regarding the use of this automated MT4 Expert Advisor.

FX Fortnite EA

How FX Fortnite EA Works

FX Fortnite EA presentation

Released in September 2020, the FX Fortnite EA website reveals very little information related to the developer and the management team behind the Forex trading system. We were able to trace the origin of the website’s server to the Czech Republic.

Regarding the trading system used, the vendor explains that a trend/hedge system with different risk level settings is used. The trading software is mainly focused on the EURCHF currency pair and uses the H1 timeframe with MT4 compatibility. 

Regarding the strategy used, the hedge/trend method of trading is utilized by the software to enable high returns with superior risk adjustments. The vendor claims that a lookback straddle method is used for assessing return properties of a trend-based strategy.

And, the profits are from the volatility of the traded pair. The minimum recommended deposit is $1000 and a cent account is also operated by the Forex robot with a minimum deposit of $10. Leverage of 1:100 or higher value is recommended for using this trading software. 

Applied Strategies

FX Fortnite EA Applied Strategies

We found three different backtests on the official website with different risk settings. However, the modeling quality was just 90%, which is very disappointing. A quality level of 99% is best to know about the spreads, commissions, pips, etc, which is not possible with the 90% quality used by this Forex robot.

On a closer look at the backtest results, we found the drawdown to be around 31%, which aligns with the high-risk setting of the trading method used. Such a high drawdown is not something that the average trader would be comfortable with. This is true with the medium risk level backtest results, which also show a drawdown of 37% or higher. 

FX Fortnite EA backtest results

FX Fortnite EA Trading Results

FX Fortnite EA Trading Results

We could find only a single real account result verified by FXBlue. From the results shown above the total returns are at 150% with peak drawdown being 0% over 83 days. As for the trades done per day, the Forex robot executes nearly 12 trades per day with the average length of trade being 2.3 days. While the results recorded for 83 days look nice, we would prefer verifying the results in more detail at the Myfxbook site.

Pricing & Refund

FX Fortnite EA is sold in three different packages, namely Bronze, Gold, and Platinum. The Bronze is the cheapest of the three and is priced at $149 with a single lifetime license, real account, demo account, setup file, and free upgrades.

A slightly expensive version is available, which is the Gold package that costs $199. The price includes two demo and real accounts. Three real and demo accounts are provided with the Platinum package, which costs $249. All packages are offered with a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

User Feedback

Feedback from users is essential to assess the effectiveness of a trading system. Unfortunately, we could not find user feedback for this expert advisor. The short time it has been trading may be a reason for the lack of reviews. Further, the trend/hedge method used and risky trading maneuvers used are not acceptable for most traders.

Overall rating
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