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Forex Sugar Review

Forex Sugar

Forex Sugar EA is a trading advisor that was originally designed by Brian Jones. There’s no link on his social network profiles. The devs try to convince us by the statement that “Yes, Trading In The Forex Market Is Profitable.” 

Forex Sugar presentation
Forex Sugar EA is a trading advisor that was originally designed by Brian Jones.

There’s an offer that we have to exchange our email for their information letters. We’re not sure it’s a good idea. If you need, you can use off-email.

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How Forex Sugar Works

There is some intel about settings, trading details, and other explanations:

  • The system is designed to execute deals automatically without interacting with us.
  • It allows putting human emotions aside from trading.
  • The robot calculates many indicators to find the best point to get into a deal.
  • It runs on the account 24/5, excluding a weekend.
  • It won’t take much time to setup the robot on the terminal.
  • There are dynamic Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. We wouldn’t suggest using this option if it’s possible to turn it off.
  • The system works on a stable market. 
  • To avoid these periods, the robot uses News Filter to skip trading during High-Impact News periods.
  • The system requires some customizations that can’t be performed by a beginner trader.
  • The developers don’t recommend small and fixed SL and TP for this EA.
  • There’s broker protection that covers SL and TP levels from being eaten.
  • If a position opens and comes in loss after a few minutes, and EA feels that this is the wrong position, then it will close that position in little loss and won’t wait for a bigger one.

Applied Strategies

  • The main strategy is Price Action.
  • There are support strategies like Grid and Martingale.
  • The robot closes deals automatically if the market goes in the wrong direction than predicted.

We have no backtest reports provided in the presentation. It’s a solid disadvantage because we have no idea if the developer tested the system well  before release or even if the system belongs to the developer. 

Forex Sugar Trading Results

Forex Sugar Trading Results

We’ve got a robot running on a demo USD account. It was created on January 26, 2021, and the deposit was set at $1000. Since then, the closed profit has become +$463.51. There are no open deals on the market.

Forex Sugar Trading Results

The robot works with Silver only. The total return is +46.4%. An average monthly return is +16.6%. The maximal drawdown is shown. The accuracy rate is high – 79.4%. The Profit Factor is acceptable 1.36. It’s not 1.6 or higher, but still okay. There were -632.0 pips traded. So, we have to expect to see a Grid plus Martingale combo. An average trade frequency is three deals daily. The account is online for 72 days.

Forex Sugar Trading Results

The Risk to Reward Ratio is 8.97. The risk of ruin is 0.0%. An average trade length is almost seven hours – 6.9. An average result is +$2.15. An average win is +$10.45 when an average loss is 2.8 times higher -$29.57.

Forex Sugar Trading Results

The only profit direction is BUY with $548.05.

Forex Sugar Trading Results

The robot uses a single strategy to trade.

Forex Sugar Trading Results

Tuesday (-$75.65) and Thursday (-$184.86) are days with significant losses.

Forex Sugar Trading Results

It trades during all trading sessions.

Forex Sugar Trading Results

The system has closed February and March 2021 with good profits compared with the margin it used in trading.

Forex Sugar Trading Results

Here we go again. There’s Grid with Martingale on the board. It’s so risky to use them together.

Pricing & Refund

Forex Sugar Pricing

Forex Sugar was introduced in two packages. The first one costs $99 instead of $375. We can trade on a single real and an unlimited number of demo accounts. The second pack costs $264 instead of $999 and includes five real accounts and unlimited demo ones. The offer is overpriced as for a Grid+Martingale trading solution. There’s no additional intel provided about free or paid lifetime (?) updates, support, and so on.

People feedback

There are no testimonials on the site or platforms like Trustpilot or Forex Peace Army. So, we have no idea how good it really is on people’s, especially live accounts.

Other notes

Forex Sugar. The system is only profitable because of Martingale orders.

The system is only profitable because of Martingale orders.


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