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Forex Real Profit EA Review

Forex Real Profit EA

Forex Real Profit EA is a Forex robot that is based on more than 10 years worth of trading results in the live market. As per vendor claims, the system is capable of making long-term profits while keeping the drawdown to a bare minimum. It is also mentioned that it lasts for a long time and undergoes periodic improvements to stay updated to the changing market conditions.

How Forex Real Profit EA Works

The presentation made by the vendor on the official website is extremely detailed and precise. We have a brief overview of what the system is about and how it functions. Details of the pricing packages, along with the main benefits are features have also been highlighted.

We have separate tabs for performance, customer testimonials, and FAQs. There is also a contact form through which you can drop a message to the service team. However, we have little or no information about the vendor and none of the relevant details about the company are revealed. Thus, we don’t know whether the company has a history of manufacturing such robots in the past.

Forex Real Profit EA is a 100 automated system that works without any manual intervention on the part of the trader. It trades mainly in the GBP/USD and EUR/USD pairs and it can operate on any broker, although an ECN broker is recommended. Every trade is accompanied by a take profit and a stop loss.

For every single strategy, safe stop losses are used, with values lying between 50 and 200 pips. The lot size is dynamic and the system automatically adjusts it based on the market conditions. Additionally, there is a high-impact news filter that allows the robot to make informed decisions based on news events. 

You can use this Forex EA to trade in micro lots, but the vendor recommends starting with a minimum balance of $1000 for best results. It is capable of making automatic adjustments to GMT and has an NFA compliance filter, along with money-management features.

Applied Strategies

Forex Real Profit EA uses 6 different trading strategies, including 2 scalping schemes for the Asian session, 1 for trend scalping through the day, and 3 breakout schemes. While the scalping strategy is a decent way of earning small profits at a steady rate over time, it is not ideal for those who prefer to win by big margins in the Forex market. 

It does not trade on the weekend and has recovery mode. Risky strategies like grid and martingale are not used by this robot. In case the total loss is more than 7% of the trading account, the system closes all open trades as a safety measure. 

Forex Real Profit EA Applied Strategies

This backtest was conducted for the EUR/USD pair starting from 2003 to 2020. A total of 10608 trades were placed during this time, out of which 6468 were won by the robot. This represents a decent profit rate of 60.97%. The initial deposit made was $500, and the total net profit generated out of this was $23578744.93.

During the backtest, the robot made 37 consecutive profits and only suffered 10 consecutive losses. It had a profit factor of 1.39, which can be considered satisfactory.

Forex Real Profit EA Trading Results

Forex Real Profit EA Trading Results

This live trading account for Forex Real Profit has been active since 5th June 2013, and to date, 7757 trades have been placed through it. Out of these 5002 have been won by the system, which represents profitability of 64% and this is slightly higher compared to the backtest. 

Currently, the total profit generated through this account stands at $1605.70, while the time-weighted return and absolute gain are 418.45% and 71.21%, respectively. The daily and monthly gains of 0.06% and 1.76% are nothing spectacular, but the drawdown is a low 9.47%, which is a good sign.

Pricing & Refund

Forex Real Profit EA is priced at $199 per year. The first installment amount will be refunded by the vendor within 30 days of payment. You can use the software on a single trading account, and any additional account will cost you $99. These additional accounts do not have a refund policy.

Customer Reviews

Forex Real Profit EA Customer Reviews

On the Forex Peace Army website, we found a single user review for Forex Real Profit EA. Here, the customer has mentioned that although the robot was profitable initially, it started losing trades after that. He has stated that it works great on a demo but not on a live account.


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