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Forex Gold Investor Review

Forex Gold Investor

For traders who focus on a stable and long-term investment prospect, an EA like Forex Gold Investor can help. At the outset, the forex automator claims it is the preferred system for traders looking at precious metal investment. It trades XAUUSD over the MT4 platform.

Does the EA robot work as good as it claims? Let us look at the features, results, pricing, and other interesting facts of the automatic trader to know whether it can be trusted or not.

Forex Gold Investor

How Forex Gold Investor EA Works

The EA robot works by capitalizing on the intraday changes in gold prices. The EA uses a long-term strategy where it holds trades for pips in hundreds or more. The important features include the inbuilt system for money management and a drawdown safeguard process.

Filters are also present, which can be adapted to changes in market conditions. The software is convenient to use as it is fully automated so you just need about 5 minutes to set it up and let it take over the trades. It uses precise algorithms for exit and entry trading.

The software is compatible with all MT4 platforms, will screen all exchanges, and will take care of the closing and open positions. Customer support is through email and works 24/7 but there is no live chat or phone contact facility available.

Applied Strategies

The software has been using a tested and well-tweaked strategy of proven trading algorithms for over 14 years. The official website provides data on backtesting done with money management and fixed lots over a span of 14 years. 

Forex Gold Investor Strategies

Although the modeling is about 90%, it would have been better if it was 99% quality, including real-time data on the ticks, slippage, commissions, and spreads.

Forex Gold Investor Trading Results

The EA provides a demo vendor account that reveals a gain of about 360% over the past 5 years, making it a 4.69% gain on monthly basis and a 32.39% drawdown. And, trading also indicates 176 pips as the average win mark and 578 pips for average loss.

The number of trades is quite low at 134 for the duration. Further, when the results are viewed closely, there is a loss when the customized start date is set at one year previously. A 200% drop, resulting in a 166% gain, is the actual fact.

Forex Gold Investor Trading Results

Pricing & Refund

According to the official site information, the software is priced at $397 but there is an offer on the product now at $197. The pricing comes with a single license model so you will not be able to use it with multiple MT4 accounts. A 60-day money-back guarantee is provided for the product. The price offer allows linking several demo accounts for backtesting.

Other Notes

The main advantages the EA offers include customer support, updates for life, and full automation. The web-based program requires good connectivity for use in your PC, mobile, or laptop. The trend-based strategy used by the software is a weak point as it makes your investment susceptible to slippage, market conditions, and spreads; thus cutting down your profits. In fact, the equity growth chart below shows the growth has been more at break-even levels, instead of actual profits after 2017.

Forex Gold Investor Trading Results

Review Summary


  • Price is affordable
  • Ideal for both newbie trades and experts
  • Free updates and support for a lifetime


  • Frequency of trades is low
  • Drawdown is more than 30%
  • Since it is web-based, it needs proper connectivity
  • The software needs a completely error-free setup so waits interminably for suitable entry and exit spots
Overall rating
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