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Forex Flex EA Review

Forex Flex EA

So, what we know about this EA.

All the features have been introduced on the first page:

  • NFA and FIFO compatibility
  • MT4 platform usage
  • Packages of settings (includes optimized ones)
  • Free updates
  • Members-only branch of the forum
  • ECN support
  • Packages of filters (news and time)
  • 12 strategies
  • Can trade any style (?)
  • Stop-loss and Take-profit features
  • Can work with most of the major pairs

Looks impressive. The forex robot runs a brand-new technology that’s based on open virtual trades and when the best time to start trade hits it opens real ones. The robot is suggested to use with Hotforex and FXOpen brokerage companies. If we’d like to run 5 charts we can expect on 4-6 trades in a day. For 10 charts – 8-16 ones. The minimum deposit should be $1000 for a standard, $100 for a micro/cent, and $10 for a nano account.

SimplicityThe robot is ready to use with the default settings. Everything that user should do is attaching the robot to the chart and pick some strategies from the drop-down menu to work with
The main robot currency pairs to tradeGBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, NZD/USD.Few charts to avoid introduced in the guide.
UpdatesThe system provides automated updates. As soon as the system has got a new one, it informs you that is time to act.
PrecisionNew market monitoring virtual trade technology brings precision entry points that no indicator can compete with. 
FlexibilityA trader can setup up any of the strategies to enhance the robot by his or her own.

How does Forex Flex EA work?

The robot has been enhanced by 12 unique trading strategies. The most popular of them are Default, FlexHybrid, BigDefault, ADRDynamic, Scalper. 

The whole strategy list is impressive and well-explained. It’s a “+”.

The devs provide every link from official trading results to social networks in order to get our trust. There are a lot of screenshots from the well-know forums where people discuss and provide feedback about how good the robot is.

Flex EA trading results

We’ve got 8 accounts to talk bout EA performance. Let’s pick a random one.

Forex Flex EA Myfxbook

It’s a real USD account that has been deployed in July 2018. So, the robot tuns it for a year and a half. During the period, the robot has managed to get the +194% gain. The monthly one is 7.16% with mid drawdowns (18%). Forex Flex EA uses Trader’s Way as a brokerage company, 1:500 leverage level and trades on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

Forex Flex EA advanced statistics

There have been traded 869 trades and almost 6000 pips. The average loss is a little bit less than the average win. It can mean that the money management system works well. The average win rate is between 64% (longs) and 66% (shorts). The average trade length is a day. The profit factor is good and equals 2.48. 

Forex Flex EA advanced statistics

The robot truly tries trading a bunch of currency pairs, but the most profitable are several ones: EUR/USD and USD/CHF. 

Forex Flex EA statistics
Forex Flex EA statistics

The robot trades all day every day.

Forex Flex EA advanced statistics

EA has been set to trade with the lowest possible risk of ruin.

Forex Flex EA monthly gain

The robot provides quite a good monthly profit before it’s been stopped.

Pricing & refunds

Forex Flex EA price

So, there are two packages of the EA. The first one is “Flex EA” and costs $330. For this money, we’ll get a live account, unlimited demo accounts, set/strategies files included, forum access. The second one called “Flex EA*2” includes, in addition, two live accounts, and free access to Correlated Hedge EA. This pack costs $500.

How good is Forex Flex EA?


  • Many myfxbook accounts including users ones
  • 12 well-explained strategies to work with
  • Inner forum for customers
  • A lot of links of the official accounts
  • People feedback
  • MQL5 seller
  • Unlimited demo accounts in the packages


  • Not so high win-rate
  • Mid-range monthly gain results
  • High Price
  • No money-back-guarantee is provided
  • Works well just with the several currency pairs


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