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Forex Astrobot Review

Forex Astrobot

Forex Astrobot is a scam trading advisor that has a similar for Rita Lasker’s robots presentation. It includes an endless wall of useless wording and no trading results or backtest reports provided. The main claim is “The most anticipated product for Forex traders!”

Forex Astrobot presentation

How Forex Astrobot Works

Forex Astrobot Features

Let’s talk about mentioned features of this trading tool:

  • It executes orders automatically on the terminal. We have to do nothing. 
  • We can install the system on the terminal almost instantly. 
  • The robot looks for trading opportunities by analyzing the market. 
  • The Trailing Stop feature was originally designed to make more profits from the stable market moves. 
  • We can simply “minimize our losses by decreasing the lot size if the market conditions are not stable enough.”
  • There’s welcome support if we want to ask some questions. 
  • The system receives a “unique trading algorithm that will execute highly profitable trades for us.”
  • Lot Size can be calculated by the money-management system or preset by us. 
  • It avoids opening new orders during high-slippage periods. 
  • It can be set only on the MT4 terminal. 
Forex Astrobot Features
  • The system works with various lot sizes depending on the expected win rate. 

Applied Strategies

  • We aren’t sure about the strategies behind the system. 
  • The robot can trade on all available cross pairs. 
  • The time frames are M15, M30, and H1. 
  • The minimum deposit is $200 for starting trading. 

Forex Astrobot Trading Results

Forex Astrobot Trading Results

The presentation includes some screenshots of backtests that are called the performance. 

Forex Astrobot Trading Results
Forex Astrobot Trading Results
Forex Astrobot Trading Results

There are many photoshopped screenshots like that. It’s a common way for Rita Lasker to scam people. As we may note, these profits exist only in the alternative reality. If they were true, there would not be a big deal to provide us with trading results. Anyway, if the system truly makes these profits on all pairs and time frames, there would be no need for her to sell it. She would just make money and grow an account. Lack of trading results places us in a tough spot because we have no trading results based on which we can predict our future performance. We don’t know the real win rate, drawdowns, profit factor, trade length, and so on. 

Pricing & Refund

Forex Astrobot Pricing

The price of this robot is $99 with a huge discount. The original price has never existed. It’s just an attempt to look better in people’s eyes. We can rely on the 30-day refund policy. 

Forex Astrobot Pricing

We have an ultimate pack of the advisor for $228. There’s an advanced additional algorithm, profit multiplication mode, ultimate success rate, losing trades filter, and remote assistance option. We have no idea what “advanced additional algorithm” means? Where can we read about it?

People Feedback

Forex Astrobot People Feedback

The customer feedback block looks like a scam as well. The reason is that all of these letters were sent within a day, and no other testimonials were sent within a year. It’s common for these types of scam presentations. At the same time, these testimonials never appear on the web or sites like Trustpilot or Forex Peace Army. 

Other Notes

Forex Astrobot - Rita Lasker

Rita Lasker is a completely fake and non-existent person. The main reason is that we have never seen her real social network profile or a page on MQL5 where many other developers have profiles just in case. This allows them to signal the audience that they exist and have some followers and products in portfolios. We have never seen this lady behind the terminal trading or coding something.


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