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Fisker Lowers Prices for Electric Vehicles


Fisker, a leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, recently announced a reduction in prices for its EV lineup. The stock has experienced a decline in response to the news, which has raised concerns about demand and pricing in the market.

Lower Prices for Fisker’s Ocean Extreme Trim

Fisker revealed that it is slashing the price of its Ocean Extreme trim from $69,000 to approximately $61,500, providing customers with a $7,500 discount. Moreover, reservation holders who had agreed to pay the higher price will also receive a $7,500 credit.

According to CEO Henrik Fisker, this adjustment is crucial for the company to stay competitive in the rapidly expanding EV sector. He stated in a press release, “We want our customers to have greater access to the Ocean and to be able to take advantage of its exciting combination of innovative features, striking design, sustainable materials, and class-leading range.”

Trim Levels and Pricing

The Ocean Extreme trim represents the highest tier of Fisker’s SUV lineup, while the Ocean Sport starts at approximately $37,500. Typically, car manufacturers begin by producing higher-end versions of vehicles to generate more revenue. In the second quarter, Fisker manufactured slightly over 1,000 Ocean SUVs, with plans to increase production to over 20,000 units by 2023. The manufacturing process is facilitated through a partnership with auto parts giant Magna International (MGA), which owns the plant where the Oceans are built.

Market Reaction

Following the price reduction announcement, Fisker’s stock has dropped by 4.4% to $5.20 per share. In comparison, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite have seen declines of 0.7% and 1% respectively.

The Impact of Price Cuts in the EV Market

As 2023 progresses, the EV market is experiencing a shift in pricing strategies, leading to some interesting outcomes. Tesla (TSLA), for instance, has taken an aggressive approach towards cutting prices. While this move may indicate weaker demand and increased competition, it is primarily driven by the desire to counter the effects of higher interest rates on potential buyers.

The correlation between interest rates and vehicle affordability is quite straightforward: higher rates translate into higher monthly payments for those who choose to finance their EV purchases. In response to Tesla’s price cuts, other electric vehicle manufacturers have felt compelled to follow suit.

On the bright side, lower prices have succeeded in keeping the demand for EVs on an upward trajectory. In the third quarter alone, approximately 313,000 EV units were sold in the United States, representing a remarkable 50% year-on-year increase. However, these price reductions have come at a cost – profit margins have taken a hit. Tesla, for instance, reported a third-quarter operating profit margin of just under 8%, down nearly 10 percentage points compared to the previous year.

Switching gears to another player in the EV industry, Fisker, we find a similar story. By the end of the second quarter, Fisker had accumulated approximately $15 million in customer deposits, reflecting around 61,000 reservations. Interestingly, this number remained unchanged from the end of 2022. Unfortunately, the current status of reservations remains unknown as the company has not yet responded to inquiries regarding order intake.

Concerning Fisker’s stock performance, the past few months have been challenging. The stock has faced a decline of roughly 12% over the last three months and about 28% over the past year. To make matters worse, Fisker’s stock experienced a 4.7% drop during Friday’s trading session while the Nasdaq also slid by 1.5%.

It is evident that price cuts are indicative of the difficulties present in the EV market. While they may boost demand, they exert considerable pressure on profit margins. Finding a delicate balance between affordability and profitability is the key challenge faced by manufacturers in this rapidly evolving industry.


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