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Evening Scalper Pro Review

Evening Scalper Pro Review

Evening Scalper Pro works during the American trading session ensuring successful trades via its robust mean-reversion system. The expert advisor is a fully automated MT5 compatible tool that uses a classical scalping method. As per the developer, Valeriia Mishchenko, the EA utilizes many sophisticated methods for identifying accurate entries and exits resulting in a high win rate.

How Evening Scalper Pro robot works

Valeriia Mishchenko is the author of this FX EA. Based in Russia, the developer can be reached via a telegram channel link posted in her MQL5 profile. Waka Waka and Hunter Night Pro are the other products of the developer. 

Some of the key features of the system that the author reveals are:

  • This FX robot uses a scalping approach with good performance. 
  • It is scalable and less broker-sensitive. So, it can work on larger deposits and with a greater number of brokers. 
  • The traders last only for a few hours as the ATS uses the classical scalping method.
  • The vendor recommends the M5 timeframe for this FX EA. 
  • It is a FIFO compatible system.
  • The MT5 tool does not use dangerous methods like the grid, or Martingale.
  • It uses an SL for each trade position.
  • An advanced news filter, a stock market crash filter, and a negative swap filter are used by the EA.

Applied strategies

A classic scalping method is used with the mean reversion method to ensure high returns. It uses a special trading logic on cross pairs with a robust mean-reverting tendency. It works only from 19 hours to 23 hours and does not place orders during the rollover. As per the author, you need a single chart to trade all the supported currency pairs. The FX EA does not open trades during low market liquidity and bank rollover. It is a market execution type of system with solid backtesting and live performance. 

Here is a screenshot of the backtesting results for the FX robot available on the official MQL5 site. 

Backtesting result of Evening Scalper Pro on the MQL5 site.

From the above strategy tester report, we can see that a history quality of 100% was used for the testing done from 2007 to 2022. A total net profit of 24,831.691,906 was generated for the account that started with a deposit of $300. Of the total 3016 trades executed, an 80% profitability was present with a profit factor of 3.36. A drawdown of 13.53% was present. From the results, we can see that the profits were high and the drawdown was low indicating a safe and effective approach.

Evening Scalper Pro trading results

A real AUD account verified by the myfxbook site is present for this FX EA. Here are a few screenshots of the account that uses the leverage of 1:500 on the MT4 terminal.

Growth curve of Evening Scalper Pro on the Myfxbook site.

From the above stats, we can see the account that started in December 2021 with an initial deposit of AUD 50 shows a total profit of 23.74%, a daily profit of 0.14%, and a monthly profit of 4.24. The drawdown for the account was 18.19%. From the growth curve, we can see the account has suffered several downturns since it started with a sharp downward incline in the past few days indicating a risky approach and poor money management. Further, when compared with the backtesting results we find profits are low and drawdown higher in real trading. 

Pricing & refund

To buy this FX EA, you need to pay $799. A free demo account is present. There is no other info provided on the features you get with the package. No money-back assurance is present, raising doubts about the reliability of the company. When compared to the market average, we find the pricing is exorbitant.

Other notes

We found 9 reviews for the MT5 version of the FX robot on the MQL5 site with a rating of 5/5. However, we could not find reviews for the EA on third-party sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. to confirm the positive reviews on the MQL5 site. Since the MQL5 site promotes the product, there is a high chance of the feedback being manipulated.


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