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Euro Hedge Review

Euro Hedge

The developer indicates that he has designed Euro Hedge to generate 100% profits within 1-2 months. This allegation is preposterous and is only meant to draw the attention of traders to this system. By reading this review, you will discover that the vendor has failed to include the bot’s backtesting data and credible live trading stats. If Euro Hedge performed excellently as purported, then the dev would not hesitate to present us with tangible proof. 

How Euro Hedge works

Being an expert advisor, Euro Hedge uses its inbuilt algorithm to conduct trades automatically for the user. When it comes to its features, the vendor has the following to say:

  • Suitable for the EURUSD, XAUUSD, and GBPUSD currency pairs.
  • Needs +VPS with good internet connection.
  • Runs on the MT5 platform.
  • Generates rebates.
  • Applies time management to limit trading hours and days.

Euro Hedge was developed by an Indonesian called Sugianto. However, not much is known about him. Even his second name is a mystery. All we can say is that it would be risky to entrust your investment to a person you know nothing about. He can easily mismanage it because his anonymity makes it impossible to hold him accountable. 

Applied strategies

Euro Hedge applies several different strategies. They are described below:

  • Hedging

 This entails opening long and short positions on a continuous basis to minimize risks associated with fluctuations of market prices. 

  • Pyramiding

The robot continues to open positions every time the previous position attains profits. 

  • Averaging

This involves opening buying/selling orders at sequentially lower/higher prices to enhance the average rate of the preferred position. 

  • Martingale Lot

In this case, the bot focuses on increasing the size of a lot if a previous trade ended up with a loss.

  • Anti Martingale Lot

When the previous trade is profitable, the EA also increases the lot size so as to optimize the gains made.

  • Pending order

When the minimum target open position is attained, a pending order position is opened to accelerate the recovery of losses.

  • Stop loss

This approach focuses on partially closing losing positions to minimize losses. 

The vendor acknowledges that the martingale strategy becomes very dangerous especially when the trend fails to reverse direction. He says that this risk is curbed by opening hedging positions with anti martingale lots. However, we could not ascertain the effectiveness of this mitigation approach. 

Backtest results have not been featured in the presentation. This is a huge disadvantage. It’s impossible to know if the above named strategies historically worked as claimed and the kind of market conditions that favored or disfavored their efficiency. For these reasons, it would be risky to invest in the EA because you cannot predict what it will do to your investment in the live market. 

Euro Hedge trading results

There are no verified trading results for this EA. We have determined that the vendor has not opened any account on Myfxbook.com or FXBlue sites. So, the credibility of the live trading data presented on mql5 is doubtful. Anyway, we have decided to work with what we have for now.  

Trading stats.

According to this chart, this account was activated on May 31, 2021, and so far, it has traded for 79 days. The initial deposit was $1,000, and the EA has made a profit of $5801.64 out of it. Consequently, the balance has increased to $5915.65, but $5,000 has been withdrawn already. Trades conducted per week are 1292, and the average holding time is 5 hours. 

Pricing & refund

This bot is rather expensive as it is currently retailing at $349. The renting options are not cheap either. The 1 month renting plan is $99 while the 3-months pack is $199. Worse still, a money-back guarantee is not featured. 

Pricing plan of Euro Hedge.

Other notes

There are only 2 customer reviews for this system despite being purchased by dozens of traders. We will have to wait a bit longer to see if more customers will come out to provide their opinions since the current testimonials are inadequate and cannot add weight to this Euro Hedge review.


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