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Elite Tactics Review

Elite Tactics

Elite Tactics is a 100% automated Forex EA that promises the fastest execution with pending orders and analyzes the most vital levels in the market. It was launched on 24th May 2020 and can work with both the MT4 and MT5 platforms. As per the vendor, the system has passed multiple simulations and tests with 100% real tick data in MT5 and with 99.9% tick data in MT4, both with variable spreads.

How Elite Tactics EA Works

Elite Tactics does not have an official website, so we have to consult its MQL5 page for any information. Here, the vendor has provided us with an overview of what the system is and what it does. The main features, along with the recommendations have been outlined as well. Next, we have several screenshots showing backtesting results, along with a video explaining the functionalities of the robot.

This robot has been developed by Radek Reznicek, a programmer based in the Czech Republic. Apart from Elite Tactics, he has also developed systems like Elite SR, RageX EA, TrendMagiX PRO, Channel Master, and Infinite storm. So it is quite evident that he has the required experience in developing Forex EAs. However, we do not know if this person is a licensed trader or if there are other individuals working under him.

This Forex robot trades pending orders for faster execution, while applying stop losses with each trade. It has some advanced filters and protection against slippage and spread. The user can customize the EA as per their preferences. It is also mentioned that it can trade any pair at any given time frame. 

As per vendor recommendations, however, you should use this system to trade in the EUR/USD pair for the H1 timeframe. A minimum deposit of $100 is recommended for a micro account. The robot works best with an ECN broker with low spread and a VPS server with minute delays.

Applied Strategies

The vendor has not explained the trading strategy on the MQL5 page, and this is surely not a good sign. We think every vendor needs to provide some technical details regarding the trading strategy so that potential buyers can study it and gauge the system’s profitability. This will no doubt disappoint some of the traders who are particular about technical details.

Elite Tactics Applied Strategies

Here we can see the backtesting result for the GBP/USD pair in the H1 timeframe. The test was conducted from January 2019 to May 2020, during which 111 trades were placed by the robot. It won 106 out of these, which represents an astonishingly high win rate of 95.5%. Only 5 trades were lost during the backtest, which is quite exceptional.

Using an initial deposit of $100, Elite Tactics generated a total profit of $3004.23 and a gross profit of $3933.16. It had 18 average consecutive wins and only 1 consecutive loss. The profit factor of 4.23 is higher than most systems, while the relative drawdown of 12.38% is quite acceptable. From the backtesting data, Elite Tactics appears like a system capable of generating steady profits.

Elite Tactics Trading Results

Elite Tactics Trading Results

There are verified trading results shared by the vendor for Elite Tactics. Although he has posted screenshots of a live trading result, this cannot be trusted, since it is not verified by a third-party website. In the absence of verified trading results, it is difficult for us to assess the profitability of this Forex EA. Thus, there is no guarantee that it can earn you profits in a real trading scenario.

Pricing and Refund

Elite Tactics is available for $245, which is not a cheap price tag for a Forex robot. The vendor also has rent options available, so you can rent the system on a monthly basis for $99, or for 3 months at $145. There is also a free demo version you can use to test the robot before using it for live trading. No money-back-guarantee is offered by the seller.

Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews for Elite Tactics on the web, and the reason behind this could be the fact that it has an unproven trading record. Although some customer reviews are present on the MQL5 page, they could have been manipulated by the vendor, and hence we cannot consider them authentic. Clearly, not many people trust this system as of now, and it might take some time for it to build a solid reputation in the market.


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