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EA Gold Stuff Review

EA Gold Stuff

EA Gold Stuff is described as an expert advisor specifically designed to trade gold. The product already has hundreds of customers, if not thousands. Therefore, you would think it is efficient, but that’s not the case. This is made clear by the EA’s poor performance on Myfxbook and negative customer reviews it has received. 

How EA Gold Stuff works

The developer doesn’t say much about the features of the robot. See below what we found out:

  • It runs on both the MT4 and MT5 terminals
  • There’s a money management option for traders who want to minimize losses
  • It applies SL and TP levels

EA Gold Stuff was authored by Vasiliy Strukov. He is a programmer based in Russia, but his trading experience in Forex remains a mystery. Vasiliy has also created other systems, namely Idea Pro Gold, Mood EA, CheckPoint, EA Antivirus, etc. 

Applied strategies

The operation of this EA is based on opening orders utilizing the Gold Stuff indicator. So, it works according to the “Trend Follow” strategy, which entails following the trend. 

We have the backtest results for this EA, but the period of testing is not indicated. 

Backtesting results.

At the beginning of the test, a large sum of $10,000 was placed, and the EA used it to conduct 4653 trades. As a consequence, a total net profit of $23406 was realized. The win rates for short and long positions stood at 71% and 74%, respectively. 

There was a massive relative drawdown of 41.97%, meaning that the system worked with high risks to the balance. So, it is unsurprising that it ended with a higher average loss trade (-$24.02) compared to the average profit trade ($15.62). The profit factor was 1.78. 

EA Gold Stuff trading results

We were lucky to come across an account that was previously run by this robot. However, it is currently dormant. Let’s assess the stats to understand why the owner deactivated it.

Live trading data.

The risky nature of the strategy used by EA Gold Stuff is clearly portrayed by these live results. In about 3 months of trading, it managed to eat up 34.18% of the capital. The system was also highly active as it completed nearly 5000 trades within this period. However, the orders weren’t that lucrative as they only had win rates of 64% for both short and long positions. 

The algorithm increased the account’s standing by 1210.14% after using a deposit of $3518.91 to make $42576.27. The monthly profit was very huge — 231.13%. An average win of 131.57 pips and an average loss of -285.07 pips were recorded. 

Monthly profits.

All the months had insane profit levels, with February being the most profitable with 312.8% gains. 

Trading history.

As you can see, the EA worked with the grid approach. The results were devastating as we had huge losses and small profits.

Number of trades completed daily.

The system was very active in the middle of the week — Wednesday. Its activity dwindled towards the end of the week hence making Friday the least active day. 

Pricing & refund

EA Gold stuff is sold at an average price of $149. There are no renting options or a money-back guarantee. 

The robot’s price.

Other notes

There are a lot of customer reviews relating to this product on mql5. As usual, more than 50% of the testimonials are positive. However, there are claims among the discontented group that the positive comments are not genuine. They say traders are offered free products if they say good things about EA Gold Stuff. Another assertion is that the system applies pure gambling, which is synonymous with the martingale strategy. Therefore, it is notorious for blowing up accounts.  

Customer feedback.


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